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Flashback 2015

Flashback 2015. Look back and forward. Focus. Shoot, let creativity, intuition and desire get to know you more.

Spent this last year in love with the island where I was born, Madeira. The more I discover it , the more I feel there is so much more to see and explore.
With my feet firmly on the ground and head (quite a few times) up in the clouds, 2015 was as follows:

This beautiful sea of ours.

Being in the clouds.

The countryside of Madeira.

Funchal and its flowers

Madeira on a plate.

Porto Santo Island.

My travels in 2015.


Auvers sur Oise







And finally, what was the most memorable trip this year? My trip to Calcutá.

A BIG thank you to all who have followed me here. And may the year 2016 bring us all, good things in life.

See you all next Year!
Dream lots…

Note: If you’re thinking about how to celebrate the new year in style. Try this:

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This blog talks about the island where I was born and live - Madeira, and my endless journey to discover the world until (one day, who knows) I get to visit Mars.

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