Year: 2018

Levada Rabaçal Madeira

The day I went chasing Rabaçal waterfalls – a Levada walk in Madeira

The day I went chasing Rabaçal waterfalls – a Levada walk in Madeira Last September, Hit the road Madeira launched a new walk to Rabaçal, in the west part of Madeira. Their goal was to show visitors the beautiful waterfalls of Rabaçal, away from the busy, best-known Levada of the 25 fountains. Let me tell you more about Rabaçal Waterfalls Hike… PICK UP was at 8:45. The meeting point was in Funchal old town, near the cable car. There were 4 of us plus the driver Vitor and mountain guide Lisa. First, we stopped at Ponta do Sol to buy lunch in a cosy bakery with affordable prices, but you can also bring a “picnic” lunch if you prefer. The Levada hike was 14 km and lasted about 5 h 30 m. As we were walking in Levada trails, these are often irregular with roots, rocks and slippery puddles. You can also find tree branches right above your head. So, you need to be careful and pay attention to the security instructions. Luckily we had Lisa, who …

Photo Sessions in Madeira

Photo Sessions in Madeira A couple of months ago I was looking at my Instagram feed, and I began to see these photos in Madeira that captured my attention. There was something different about them, the light, the composition, the style, even the citation underneath! 🙂   View this post on Instagram Well… I can't keep that in my hard drive. #hadtopost _ On the pic : @kennylkemp _ #madeira #visitmadeira #madeiraisland #postthepeople #portraits_mf #portteaifromtheworkd #awesome #photo #awesomeearth #earthfocus #earthpix #earthofficial #naturephotography #travelawesome #travelworld #Sky #sunset #landscape A post shared by Benjamin Begin | Photography (@benjamin_artwork) on Apr 14, 2018 at 10:22am PDT As I scrolled the whole feed I loved every one of them, so I said to myself; Who is Benjamin Begin?   View this post on Instagram As always, pic by @kennylkemp A post shared by Benjamin Begin | Photography (@benjamin_artwork) on Nov 14, 2017 at 5:18am PST The bio linked to his website and there I found he did photo sessions. I was looking for new pictures of my Airbnb, plus …

The L nights are back to Ponta do Sol!

The L Concerts return to Estalagem da Ponta do Sol! This Independent Music Festival officially started ten years ago, although, well before that, small concerts were already held. Personally, I remember with great joy the gigs I had the opportunity to attend. I love the ambience … the worship, the relaxation and the sound that echoes in the wind, the sea and the perfect amphitheatre that is the Ponta do Sol. Why should you go to these concerts? Nuno Barcelos, responsible for this festival, gave us the answers:   L. L Concerts Why? The name Concertos L appeared from an existing concept in the Estalagem da Ponta do Sol, the L – Community (community of members of the inn). L comes from Lifestyle, Leisure, among others … What do you like most about this Festival? The artistic freedom, its public and the place… Not depending on brands, sponsorships or fashions, allows you to create a schedule free of pressures of any kind, and bring something different and innovative… The audience, because we have the best …

How to make “Sonhos” – My father’s Recipe

‘Sonhos’ are one of Madeira’s Carnival typical sweets. “Sonhos”also means dreams in Portuguese, so you can get an idea of what it tastes like… In this post, I share my father’s recipe with you. Ingredients: 1 cup flour (125 gr) 1/2 cup of milk (125 ml) + 1/2 cup of water (125ml) 1 tablespoon salt coffee 1 tablespoon sugar coffee 2 lemon peels 1 cinnamon stick 1 tablespoon of butter 3 eggs 1 teaspoon baking tea Preparation mode: In a saucepan pour the milk, water, salt, sugar, lemon peels, cinnamon and bring to a boil. At the end add the butter. Then add in the flour (sifted) with the baking powder, mix well and set aside. Once it cools down, beat the dough adding the eggs one at a time. Baking mode: In a pan pour oil making up to a height of 6-8 cm. Heat it and once it’s hot add a spoonful of dough. Once it begins to come to surface, you can add one by one the other spoonfuls of dough. Try …


Direct Flights to Madeira – From?

Today I was talking to a friend about the destinations with direct flights to Madeira. After all, from which destinations can we travel directly to  Madeira, without stopovers in Lisbon or Porto (or any other city). Sometimes it becomes difficult to find the time to travel to new destinations due to this limitation of the stopovers. Especially when traveling with children, the comfort of a direct flight it’s worth a lot while picking the destination. In addition, time is short and we do not want to miss days in transit at airports. I have prepared this table, with all destinations with direct flights to Madeira Airport, at the present. I hope it helps you to travel to Madeira. You can check here the list of airlines for each destination. If you are looking for accommodation, see the best deals on hotels and apartments in Booking and check out my Airbnb! Ver no AirbnbFrom Madeira to Mars – Apartamento de uma viajante  

Milho Cozido of Madeira – My Mother’s Recipe

Milho Cozido or baked corn is a typical dish of the Island of Madeira. It is often found in restaurants in the area, fried in the form of cubes, as a side dish to meat or fish. Some people compare it to Polenta, a typical dish of Italian cuisine. According to the book “Elucidário Madeirense”, the corn culture is an old tradition in Madeira, but it was in 1847 that Laureano da Câmara Falcão, better known as Morgado of Ilha, developed it in the parishes of Santana and São Jorge. In 1853 appeared a law which exempted the payment of tithes from what was produced on earth and it constituted the feeding base of two-thirds of the Madeiran population. This corn potato dish still remains in our days, and it’s delicious. Here is the recipe we use at home and a small video about it: IMG_1807.TRIM

5 Ways to use Madeira Embroidery

5 Ways to use Madeira Embroidery I grew up with Madeira Embroidery. It was in the dress of my first party, on the tablecloths of my birthday and the sheets of my children’s crib. My mother knows how to embroider and tried to teach me, but without success. Times were different, and there were many other distractions… However, I learned to give value to Madeira Embroidery when I realised how much time, hand expertise and devotion exists in the construction of each piece. Each point has its science, transmitted from mothers to daughters, from embroiderer to embroiderer. I love the names they give to each point: the “garanitos” (for beginners), the shadow points, the “cavacas”, the “bastides”, the widows (viúvas) among others. Touching a piece of Madeira Embroidery is realising what tradition means. It is the softness of cotton or linen, and the delicacy of each line pulled by a needle worked with saliva and sweat. Being an embroiderer was once the financial support of most Madeiran women. It is not a profession for anyone; …