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Visit Zandvoort & SPA F1 Circuits

Visit Zandvoort & SPA F1 Circuits So, you’re an F1 fan in central Europe? Well congratulations, you’ve come to the right place, because there is nowhere else on Earth with as many circuits in a relatively small area. This is because the juggernauts of the European motoring market all originate from this part of Europe, your VWs, Peugeots, and whatever Renault is pumping out these days all have roots in this region. Belgium and the Netherlands are no different, sure they might not have a manufacturing giant like their neighbours, however, car culture is very much present around those parts, even if for different reasons. Let’s start with the Netherlands first. Now this country is an absolute joke of a place (in a good way, please don’t come after me dutchies). This reflects in the approach they have to car racing: full balls to the wall, pedal to the metal, Collin McRae style, straight out of Dukes of Hazard (they like the colour orange after all). The circuit I visited there was Zandvoort, around an …