Month: January 2017

rota das ponchas

Route of Ponchas – Part 2

Route of Ponchas – Part 2 Venda do Sócio – Tendeira – Caniço For over 50 years, this grocery store has belonged to Mrs Amara’s family. She tell us that this is a family business, which attracts lovers of bikes, sports and good ponchas. It is decorated with sports props, mainly national and international scarves and even regional clubs, like the Canicense. They offer the dish of the day and barbecues of entrecosto, chicken and beef. The tapas “dentinhos” vary:  wine and garlic pork, pasta and beans “feijoada”. The regional poncha and the fisherman’s poncha are the most popular. Snack Bar Vermelho- Nogueira – Camacha This snack bar used to belong to Mr. João Vermelho, hence the name. It was about 3 months ago that Márcia and Dionísio Teixeira acquired this establishment. They serve poncha and regional tapas. Chicken wings, stewed stews and pork ears are some of the specialties. Here you can alço attend fado performances, on one of the last Saturdays of each month. O Girinho – Caboucos – Camacha Two and a …