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A illustrated map of Madeira for kids!

Madeira Map

In this illustrated Madeira Map I share 20 fun tips to enjoy your holiday in Madeira with kids. You’ll find a pocket guide in English on the back of the map.


Today, Google Maps is one of the most used tools to find the desired destination. The paper maps are relegated to a decoration, a gift wrap, or to a minority, who like me, loves paper maps. That’s how I started traveling and finding my way in unfamiliar cities. I loved getting to the destination alone, map in hand.

I think that the more virtual our lives are becoming the more we need and appreciate what is natural and physical. It’s a bit like the books; ebooks are more convenient, take up less space in our homes and weigh less on luggage, but nothing compares to the pleasure of smelling a brand new book and turning its pages.

Fortunately, the world of design continues to produce beautiful illustrations and so I’ve decided to create an illustrated Madeira Map.
With the help of the talented Madeiran designer, Ariana Ramos, we created this masterpiece :).

This map defines the places that I love to share in Madeira with my 2 Kids. They are filled with happy moments and memories that go beyond pictures and words.
Inside the imaginary world of children, Madeira could be drawn on a A3 poster board (43cm /30cm), with its flowers, mountains and peaks, churches, markets, beaches, Santana houses, whales, dolphins, boats and airplanes that transport us to a world fantasy, no scale, no highways, only drawings and illustrations, just like this map.

With this project I share some fun tips to spend your holiday in Madeira with kids, not only in Funchal but throughout the island. It may be a theme park, a museum or even a ‘levada’ walk. I’ve also included some tips on restaurants which I consider ‘child-friendly’. The best beaches and playgrounds are also highlighted in the map, to make it easy and fun to ‘visit’ the island.
In the back of the map, you’ll find the marked points followed by a brief explanation (in English) of what to explore, costs and opening hours.

On the way home, this A3 poster can be framed to put in the nursery. After all, happy memories are the best gifts that we can give our children.

Madeira Map

I hope this Madeira Map provides an enjoyable experience around the Island, and that when your children look back at it, they’ll remember the good times spent together.


Best wishes,

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Thank you!


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