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Where to find street art in Funchal?

Street art in Funchal. Street art is one of the things I love the most while travelling in cities like Athens, Copenhagen, ParisPorto and Lisbon.

I love the way street art blends into the buildings of a city and fills each nook and corner with colours and unexpected food for thoughts…

Street art in Funchal is another great attraction of the Island. Besides findind street art in the painted doors of Rua de Santa Maria in the old town, there are other excellent pieces scattered around the city.

The other day I took my new camera for a walk. Yes, I forgot to mention to you, that I won a new camera in a competition in FNAC MADEIRA, and I couldn’t be happier. Check my Instagram pictures to see the winning shots.

Back to the street art, here are 5 of my favourite street art spots in Funchal:

Marcos Milewski, a baleia. 2017


Find it! Auto-silo do Campo da Barca.

Bárbara Gil:

Zapruder 2015


Find it! Auto-silo do Almirante Reis
“The Chef” 2016

Find it! Estrada Monumental, Hotel Baía Azul

Olliemoonsta, 2012

Find it! Porto do Funchal

Tiago Machado e Wolfgang Lass, 2011/2012


Find it! Rua de Santa Maria 105

Kim Hana, 2012

Find it! Rua de Santa Maria nº 247

Lígia Gonçalves, 2011

Find it! Rua de Santa Maria nº 220

Gabriel Motta, 2011

Find it! Travessa das Torres nº1

If you’re visiting If you’re visiting the Island, check my tips about Madeira 😉



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