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Weekend getaway: London


Somewhere in a train to London

Friday, 4:00 p.m. Arrived in London by train from Scotland. Hoped off at Queensway metro station and it was a 5 minutes walk until we reached the hotel.

umi 1

Notting Hill streets

Strolling Notting Hill streets towards UMI Hotel London ,  felt like getting to my private apartment,  in one of London’s most known neighborhoods.

There were children getting out from school, tourists taking pictures at metro’s logo entrance, hip shops and white painted houses in a row and there I was arriving at hotel’s first door steps.

It was winter time and snow was forecasted for the next few days.

A warm entrance and friendly receptionist  welcomes me “home in London“.

The  hotel ‘s lobby was very nice…lots of light coming in from the big bright wooden windows lying along the front of the building and also inside my room.

They had also o a handy cafe/restaurant that opened at night, for snacks and drinks.


UMI Hotel- bedroom

The room had a comforting white linen bed (white beds are the best) with a private bathroom and a hot strong streaming shower, the perfect ending for a long day travel!


Breakfast At UMI Holtel

Saturday Waking up the next day and looking out my  window, there was snow covering the landscape in a white magical peace…so nice to lay in bed and enjoy that moment…but so much to see,  plus a lovely breakfast table with daily newspapers was waiting for me downstairs.


The National gallery

Off to town! So many options available in this city !!! Since it was so cold outside, my  choice was The National Gallery for warmth and beauty in your vision…high beautiful ceilings, green walls and stunning paintings like ” The Fighting Temeraire” from William Turner, Vicent Van Gohg ” Sunflowers”, amongst others…

While you’re there, you can also eat and drink at the Gallery Cafe opened daily until 11:00 p.m. (except sunday, closes at 6 p.m.), so you don’t have to rush your visit. Have a break and eat something or even go for shopping inside the gallery. I always like to have a look at the museum shops, specially for original souvenirs and children’s toys. They also have the Print on Demand service that offers visitors the opportunity to purchase a print made directly from the original painting. To get there, Westminster tube is the nearest station.

A play at the Theatre, sounds great!  39 steps, Alfred Hitchcock’s 1935 comedy film  recreated on stage showing at the Criterion Theatre, Piccadilly circus tube! Laughter guaranteed and a great live performance in one of the oldest theatres of London! The cupid

Tip: If you can, manage to get an half the  price ticket bought in advance. Tradition says: Please try the delicious ice cream during break time at the Theatre, delicious indeed!

Swing through Carnaby street, pedestrianised shopping street, located in the Soho district, with the coolest shops, the greatest fashion boutiques and designers.

Dinner time in Chinatown. Tried some delicious Vietmanese food  followed by live music and a glass of wine in “two floors bar“.


The Borought Market

Sunday Hit south bank, go to the  Borough Market, a mix between a market and a gourmet shop, great lively colourful environment! Try everything new you can for a tasteful party… The spicy smell is amazing there!

Last but not least Cross millennium bridge, my favorite bridge in London, and take a picture with both Tate modern museum (most-visited modern art gallery in the world ) or Saint Paul’ s Cathedral as a background magic! You can never get enough of London,  next time…

Millenium Bridge

Millenium Bridge

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