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Travel Guide to Madeira- tips from a local

Free Travel Guide To Madeira

Great places to eat, see, drink and enjoy – tips from a local!

Travel Guide

(I did this guide once for a friend of a friend that came to Madeira for the first time, a few months ago. It was based on my personal preferences. I’ve decided to share it on the blog so that you can use it and share it as an extra help on planning your stay. Hope you enjoy it and find it useful. )

If you’re coming to Funchal, you should allow yourself at least 3 nights stay.

There’s so much to see, taste and enjoy, you’ll leave with the will to come back for more, or at least I hope you do, with my tips 🙂

If you want to explore the full Island then come for at least 6 nights and rent a car to make the most of your time.

(If you don’t like driving then there are also many tours available. You can book them directly at your hotel or online .)


Porto Santo Island

If you’re a beach lover, please include a day trip or a night stay in Porto Santo Island, in one word: Paradise!

(Notice: in Madeira Island, you’ll find rocks “calhau” or black sand which is beautiful, unique and typical of its volcanic origin, although might not be very comfortable to reach water, that’s why in most beaches, there are piers with ladders to the sea)

But before we start, there are 3 things you should know about Madeira:

  • First, we love tourists and we’re used to having their company all year, so most people speak a foreign language, mostly English.
  • Second, don’t trust the weather. It could be a sunny day in Funchal and raining in the West part of the Island. We are a tropical Island and we can reach 500 mt above sea level in 30′ drive which means it gets colder up there and although we’re very close to Africa, we can have all seasons in one day. ” Carry a jacket, just in case”
  • Third, be prepared to relax. Whether it’s the climate, the sea, the friendly people, the food, the wine or the natural beauty. Don’t pack too many attractions in one day, and please don’t go all around the Island in one day. The roads are full of curves, you ‘ll get car sickness! I´ll try to be more convincing by telling you a secret, I live here for over 30 years and there are places I’ve never been, so keep this in your mind while planning your stay; just because it’s an Island doesn’t mean you have to see it all this time.

Madeira is a unique place to be discovered, be ready!

Where to Sleep:

Depending on your budget and the kind of experience you’re looking for, there are many options from luxury to budget. I leave you with my Airbnb and the guide I did for my guests.


And a few of my favourite places to stay in Madeira:

Porto Bay Hotels (award winner hotels, ratings are top!  Porto Mare hotel is one of my favourites, love the swimming pools, garden and spa, and excellent customer service. They also have a great Italian restaurant called Basilico and it’s right in front of the sea)

The Vine Hotel (amazing design by the internationally acclaimed Madeiran designer Nini Andrade Silva with the best rooftop terrace with swimming pool I’ve ever seen! Great location in town)

Reid’s Palace, one of the most famous hotel in Madeira, try the afternoon tea in the balcony for a taste of luxury and go back in time for how the first tourists experienced Madeira.

Fajã dos Padres, beautiful, peaceful, unique place. Little houses by the beach, in a spot that can only be reached by boat or elevator, 20 minutes away from Funchal by car. If you’re looking for a place to escape and disconnect from the world…this is it.

If you’re looking for apartments to rent check this article.

 Faja dos Padres, Madeira

Faja dos Padres, Madeira

Some tips outside Funchal:

Where to eat:

Remember these words (or print them :)) “Bolo do caco” typical bread with garlic butter, “Brisa Maracuja“passion fruit, local fizzy drink, “Coral”, local beer, very good, “poncha” strong but deliciously sweet  alcoholic drink, try the flavour passion fruit, “milho frito”, fried corn in little cubes, “lapas”, limpets, “bolo e broas de mel“, honey cake and biscuits, “rebucados de funcho” fennel sweets and “queijada“, cottage cheese cake , they sell in coffee shops (I like the one from Penha d’ ‘aguia) If you’re not vegetarian, you can also try “espetada” cow meat on a stick, “peixe espada“scabbard fish, and “bife de atum” tuna steak with a typical sauce (I’ve just told you the most typical traditional food and drinks of Madeira, without forgetting, of course, the unforgettable Madeira wine,  have a visit to the wine cellars for a tasting session) Some of my tips for restaurants:

  • Basilico for Italian
  • Jango for typical food in the old town or Atalaia for Pizza (In Rua Santa Maria there are many options, with  a lot of variety and prices for every pocket)
  • In Rua da Carreira you can enjoy many lunches deals an old classic is Londres which is popular as a lunch break, affordable generous portions.
  • In Estrada Monumental  try Atlantic beautiful terrace by the sea and lovely food.
Castelo dos hamburgers

Castelo dos hamburgers

What to see and do:

  • In Funchal:

Take a day to walk around Funchal city centre. If you’re traveling with children check this map with points of interest. You can also book your tours, depending on what you’re interested in: air, land or sea.

Walk Avenida Arriaga, see  the Theatre and one of the oldest coffee shops in town, the Ritz. Visit the Cathedral, the Town hall and the Farmers Market.

Avenida Arriaga , Xmas Time

Avenida Arriaga , Xmas Time

Keep walking into the old town and enjoy the painted doors by local artists. Reach Socorro Church and have a break at Barreirinha.

There are also hop in hop off  buses and Tukxi Tours that take on tours around these areas.

(If weather allows, don’t miss a boat ride in the marina to see the dolphins but also the see the view of the island from the sea, beautiful indeed….If you’re planning to go to Porto Santo, you should book in advance)

Veu da noiva, Seixal, North Coast

Veu da noiva, Seixal, North Coast

Take the cable car to Monte, and enjoy the ride up the hills. When you come down you have two options back on the cable car again or on the toboggan rides, wicker cars pushed by man “carreiros”, a classic. There’s a beautiful Monte church and tropical garden to visit there.

  • North west Coast: Sao Vicente (with its lava caves),  via serra d’agua ( if you’re not driving, have a break in Taberna da Poncha, original poncha bar), and Seixal (mini eco bar is a nice spot there to relax) and Porto Moniz and its beautiful natural lava pools.
  • South East Coast: Machico (an artificial golden sand beach, for a change, this is a town located in the biggest valley of  Madeira) e Canical (with its beautiful Baia d’Abra, visit the whale museum if you’re travelling with Kids)


    • For Levada Walks:

There are around 2,000 km (1,240 miles) of levadas. These drainage canals built by man, allow now easy walking access to the island’s dramatic mountain peaks and coastline. Beware some of the paths are difficult to reach and find your way, you should take a walking tour.

There’s also an app called Walk me to guide you through the levadas.

These are some of the most popular ones:

1.Queimadas- Caldeirao Verde (5-6h)

2.Ribeiro frio ( Balcoes ) – Portela(4h)

3. Rabacal- Risco- 25 Fontes(3-4 h), my favourite!

4. Pico Do Areeiro ( It’s worth going there just to feel what it’s like to be up above the clouds! You can reach it by car, and if weather allows you can go by foot to Pico Ruivo the highest peak in Madeira. It’s not suitable for people who suffer from vertigo and its better to do it with a mountain guide)

Pico do Areeiro

Pico do Areeiro

  • For Shopping

Madeira has 3 main shopping Malls, 2 of them with a cinema (movies are mostly shown in the original language), many popular international brands are there. If you’re looking for souvenirs here are my tips:

    • For wine, I would advice buying it in the airport, because of the liquid carrying restrictions in airplanes. Although you have many more options in the wine cellars, just make sure you can carry it on the airplane.

For food and souvenirs there are shops with Portuguese brands, here are 13 special gifts from Madeira.
(Note: Sometimes products like the Honey cake, cookies or fennel sweets are much cheaper in supermarkets, check the prices.)

For drinks and nightlife check:

My favourites are Barreirinha Bar Cafe, Mini eco Bar, Boteco, Copacabana Garden, hole in one (typical irish bar), Venda velha and Vintage bar in the old town, Cafe do teatro, Marginal, jam and Vespas disco for late night dancing.

Coral beer at Barreirinha Bar Café

Coral beer at Barreirinha Bar Café

So many choices so little time, leave something for next time and come back again 🙂

Have a nice Holiday!

P.S.You can also check my instagram for inspiration, click on the map and see what is near you.

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