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Tomato & Onion Soup of Madeira – My mother’s recipe

“It’s sunday afternoon and the weekend is pretty much over. There’s a ton of work waiting for you the following week and you don’t want monday to arrive”- Sounds familiar?

For years I’ve came up with strategies to overcome the sunday blues. Going to the movies, hiking, going to the beach, meeting friends, reading, watching sunsets or playing card games the whole afternoon ( just to name a few).

Nowadays, on Sundays evenings, nothing excites me more than the secret I’m about to reveal to you.

It’s soul conforting and brings back the sweetest memories…My childhood, me and my brothers sitting at a round table in the kitchen. Friends coming home for lunch. My Aunt Maria as a cook. Me crying the first time I chopped an onion. My boys smiles at the table. My parents happyness looking at them.

No, it’s not super exciting or even adventurous. But it’s something that tastes better when you’re surrounded by the people you love.

It’s a tradition in my home and we do it, “religiously”, every sunday evening. So I’m sharing the recipe with you – trust me, you’ll never have a depressing sunday evening again!

It’s my Mum’s Tomato & Onion Soup. Enjoy it  and let me know how good it was ;).

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This blog talks about the island where I was born and live - Madeira, and my endless journey to discover the world until (one day, who knows) I get to visit Mars.

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