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25 Things to do in Madeira this summer

25 Things to do in Madeira, this summer

Although the last days have been terribly sad in Madeira, with the fires that unfortunately assaulted our capital city, it’s time to rise up and keep looking foward.

I’m happy to say that things are slowly getting back on track.

Whether alone, as a couple, with children or friends, here are some suggestions to enjoy Madeira this Summer:

#1. Join a kayak tour.

At Quinta do Lorde you can rent kayaks and paddle all the way to the Baía d’Abra. Book it with Esther or the Marco from the Blue Diving Center Madeira. I’ve had the opportunity to try it and loved it!

#2. Enjoy a ‘Levada’ walk.

Did you know that there are about 30 recommended routes in Madeira?  Hit the mountains early in the morning, take good company and join a group of tourists or a group of friends on a guided walking tour and enjoy.

Levada Walk

#3. Have fun in local summer parties ‘Arraiais’.

From Machico to São Vincente there’s no lack of parties and festivities on this Island..
Have fun, taste the regional delicacies, listen to music and enjoy the summer moonlight. Check this (link) for more information.


#4. Go to the movies.

If it’s one of those hot days and you want to cool down, head to the movies. Local cinemas display movies on their original languages. (There’s a short film film festival running in Funchal. It is called Shortcutz Funchal and the next session takes place on Castanheiro Boutique Hotel. This was one of the shorts I liked the most, so far.)

#5. Go “Birdwatching”.

Did you know that Madeira has four endemic bird species?  Trocaz pigeon, the Zino’s Petrel, the Bugio’s Petrel and the bis-bis. Grab the binoculars and discover how to identify them in our sky. For more information please consult the (link).

#6. Photograph whatever you like the most.

I love shooting pictures. Especially early in the morning or late in the day when the light is ‘spot on’. Take your camera or your mobile phone and look around. There are also many daily challenges in instagram to inspire you such as the #cy365. You can also put together a scrapbook with photos and other collectibles things. See here several ideas of how to do it.


#7. Walk in Nature.

Have a nice walk into the UNESCO World Heritage Laurissilva forest.


#8. Visit a museum.

There are many interesting museums to visit in Madeira such as Sacred Art Museum and the Cruzes Museum in Funchal, the Solar do Ribeirinho in Machico, the Press Museum in Camara de Lobos, the Ethnographic Museum in Ribeira Brava and many more here.

#9. Enjoy a ‘bath of Nature’.

Whether by the sea, on air or in the mountain, there is plenty of nature to discover in Madeira. Take advantage of the good weather and go for it!

Naturebath- things to do in Madeira

#10. Have a meal in a award-winning Restaurant.

Benoît Sinthon is the chef of Il Gallo d’Oro Restaurant ( The Cliff Bay Hotel) awarded with a Michelin Star in 2009. This is the first and only Michellin star featured restaurant in Madeira, renewed year after year.His style of cooking? A French classic technique, fluid and full of flavour, integrated with the ingredients from the land and the sea. ‘Flavour, seasonality and freshness’ are his motto.

#11. Have a picnic.

When I was last month in Catalonia, I saw several picnics on the beach with ‘gazpacho’, salad with peppers, feta cheese and olives, followed by watermelon and white wine. Prepare your wicker basket with your favourites ( I personally love homemade lemonade) and pack a wide blanket where you can fit everything and everyone.
Choose a park or a beach nearby and enjoy! (Tip: Take some soap bubles – its fun for children (and adults))


Nice view for a picnic, no?

#12. Practice sports.

Running, cycling, playing tennis (even if with beach rackets), playing football, Stand up paddle, skating, surfing or bodyboarding.Watch the video: Your Adventure Starts Here 

#13. Go camping.

Madeira Island has 1 campsite at Ribeira da Janela. Even if just for one night, take some sleeping bags outside and lie down to look at the stars. For more information please visit (website).

Ribeira da Janela

#14. Play some cards.

When was the last time you played cards? Nothing like a night of cards with friends or family, accompained by a nice summer playlist, some snacks, a few beers in the fridge and great fun.

#15. Follow this route of ponchas with your friends.

But be responsible – Don’t drink and drive!

rota das ponchas

#16. Take your dog on a holiday.

Dedicate yourself to giving  a holiday to do whatever he / she likes, since smelling the forest nooks to digging in the sand. There are  many hotels in Madeira that accept pets.

You’ll find a list here.

#17. Spend the night in a hotel that you have never been to, in Madeira.

I’ve been willing to try these 3 : Atrium, Nature Inn and Casas da Levada.

#18. Go sailing.

I love the views of the coastline of Madeira. One of my favourites is Cabo Girão Cliff, seen from the sea.

©From Madeira to Mars

#19. Experience the nighlife of Madeira.

Some of the most popular areas in Funchal are the old town (Santa Maria Street), Avenida Sá Carneiro (near the marina) the ‘ Vespas Disco’  and the Casino’s ‘ Copacabana Disco’.

#20.Enjoy the shopping sales!

Everything is on sale during the month of August and this is a nice opportunity to buy something different. There are also new shops to discover in Funchal, this is one of them: KICKFLIP.


#21. Enjoy a guided tour.

Whether it’s a touristic bus ride, a jeep tour or a tuk-tuk ride, enjoy the knowledge and the experience.

#22. Challenge yourself to try a new taste.

“Lapas” are aquatic snails with a shell which are very popular in Madeira. Have you tasted?

Captura de ecrã 2015-12-23, às 16.03.31

#23. Spend a day at the spa.

Whether you are looking for a massage or a manicure; pamper yourself, you deserve it;).

There are many hotels with great spas in Madeira. Check it out here.


#24. Have a drink in a rooftop bar.

Choose a rooftop bar with beautiful views. I suggest any of the following: Nini Design Centre, Formosa Beach Restaurant, Pestana CR7, Castanheiro Boutique Hotel and Estalagem da Ponta do Sol.

#25. Discover a new beach.

I really enjoy this one.


What are your plans for this summer in Madeira?

See you soon!

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