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Marina do Funchal

How would you describe the perfect day in Funchal?

The other day I heard someone describing their ideal day in Funchal. It included a trip to the beach, swimming in the sea followed by a lunch with limpets, ‘bolo do caco’ and coral beer. My ideal day passes by the Funchal Marina, in a walk through the Avenida do Mar and to the pier, on my way to the Old Town. There’s something about this location, which makes me feel at home. I can’t identify what it is, precisely, but I think it has to do with the emotional connection and stimuli I get when I’m there. As a child, I remember going for walks on Sunday mornings, to the pier, to see the boats floating by (it was preceded by grass races on the Santa Catarina Park). I remember the sound of the waves, pebbles rolling, the black sand beach and the Beatles boat, the benches on the pier and the wind blowing strong when it comes to an end. Already in my days of teenager, the Funchal Marina was the highlight of …