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Saccharum Hotel

Saccharum Hotel Resort & Spa – ‘The sea inside’

Saccharum Hotel Resort & Spa – ‘The sea inside’ In Madeira there are several hotels that offer beautiful views of the sea and a good customer service. However, few are those who combine these two elements with a stunning interior design; the Saccharum Hotel Resort & Spa offers all this and more … Saccharum comes from the Latin word for sugar cane. The Resort reminds us of the history of sugar cane on the island, which takes us back to the late XIV century in which Madeira was the largest exporter of sugar in the world, so-called ‘white gold’ . The western area of ​​Madeira, including Calheta was one of the areas of greatest production of sugar cane. In the Hotel, there is even a museum “Gallery 1425” (Sugar cane was introduced in Madeira around 1425) that pays homage to its plantation. Here, one can admire several old photographs, pieces from the engine, and a video about the production and processing of this plant. This hotel project belongs to the AFA group and the building …