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10 hotels & apartments to book in Porto Santo Island

Porto Santo. Sometimes finding the best hotel in Porto Santo Island can be challenging, specially if you are travelling with your family (pets included) or a group of friends.
Luckily the scenery has changed recently and there are much more options available. Whether it is an all inclusive hotel, a beach house or an apartment the most important issues to take into consideration are comfort, location, access to the beach, price and the feeling of being welcomed.

Here are some of my favourite picks of hotels, villas and apartments to book/rent in Porto Santo Island.


1. Casa do Velho Dragoeiro (pet-friendly)
This hotel is located in the center of Vila Baleira. Breakfast is served on the terrace overlooking the sea. The rooms are comfortable and the staff is very friendly, with great ratings.
It has a good restaurant as well as the oldest dragon tree on the island, by the pool.
Casa do Velho Dragoeiro, Porto Santo, Portugal

2. Pestana Porto Santo Beach Resort & SPA
Pestana Hotels offer all-inclusive resorts where you can book a room, an apartment or a villa. I’ve stayed there a few times and when booked in advanced, you can get a good deal, specially if you enjoy the all-inclusive style of resort and the luxury of having the beach a few steps away.
★★★★★ Pestana Porto Santo Beach Resort & SPA – All Inclusive, Porto Santo, Portugal

★★★★★ Pestana Colombos Premium Club – All Inclusive, Porto Santo, Portugal

3. Hotel Pestana Ilha Dourada & Villas
A new option in Porto Santo with a confortable stylish decoration, outdoor pool and spa.
Pestana Ilha Dourada Hotel & Villas, Porto Santo, Portugal

4. Aparthotel Luamar
This is also a good choice within apartment-hotel options. It is located a few steps away from the beach, has a nice beach bar and a great pool for adults and children. Very convenient for a family with children to stay in and although it is not in the city centre it has a great location on the beach.
★★★★ Aparthotel Luamar, Porto Santo, Portugal

Apartments & Villas:
In the centre of Vila Baleira and in close proximity to the beach:

5. Casa da Maresia
Casa da Maresia, Porto Santo, Portugal

6. Apartment Porto Santo
Apartament Porto Santo, Vila Baleira, Portugal

7. Sotavento Guest House
Sotavento Guest House, Porto Santo, Portugal

A bit more distant from the city centre but in close proximity to the beach.

8. 29 Holiday home
Casa 29 – Holiday home, Porto Santo, Portugal

9. Villa Espirito Santo (pet-friendly)
Vilas Espírito Santo, Porto Santo, Portugal

10. Golden Bird (pet-friendly)
Golden Bird, Porto Santo, Portugal

After you book your favourite accommodation, read here what are the main attractions to be visited in Porto Santo, whilst spending the most relaxing holiday in this beautiful paradisiac Island…


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