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Photo Sessions in Madeira

Photo Sessions in Madeira

A couple of months ago I was looking at my Instagram feed, and I began to see these photos in Madeira that captured my attention.
There was something different about them, the light, the composition, the style, even the citation underneath! 🙂


As I scrolled the whole feed I loved every one of them, so I said to myself;
Who is Benjamin Begin?


The bio linked to his website and there I found he did photo sessions.
I was looking for new pictures of my Airbnb, plus I wanted to capture the neighboorhood as well (plus I just had my new Walkingframe From Madeira to Mars t-shirt), so these photo sessions in Madeira, looked like the perfect match.



I sent Ben a direct message on Instagram, and that’s how we met and booked the photo session.
We got together for a coffee afterwards ( the pre-interview), and I told him what I was looking for. We picked the locations, time and date for the photo session. I also showed him some examples of photos that I liked. He asked me exactly what I wanted from the pictures, regarding mood, style and scenery and even how comfortable I was with being in front of the camera.
I picked two outfits and sent him the locations in advance to plan our time.
I agreed to do the half day session, and you can check here for prices.
Benjamin was very easygoing and chilled. We just took it one location at a time, with no rush but trying to make the most of it. Most importantly we both enjoyed the session and had a fun morning out. The meeting ended up with coffee at Legs Eleven (love this place and their logo btw) and exchanging ideas about social media.



When I received my pictures, I was very happy with the result.
Click here to see the Photos of the Airbnb
My Airbnb guests say that the photos and the comments were the things that matter the most when booking my apartment.
As for the outdoor photos, despite helping me promote the neighbourhood of the apartment, my blog, and Funchal in general, it was also a great way to create good memories of life.
Sometimes we forget that we can be a traveller in our city.

Photography is one of my passions but it’s nice to be on the other side of the camera too, and share those moments with people who think alike.

Allow me to introduce you to Ben:

“I’m Ben, born in 1985 in Strasbourg, the seven biggest cities in France, very traditional with his city centre classify to UNESCO program. I studied marketing, and always had a step into art, but more about paintings when I was living in France. I was doing graffiti, and canvas paintings before I’ve crossed the road of photography while living in Madeira Island. I came for a job, as my best friend created his company here in 2009 and requested my help in the marketing area. I started photography 5 years ago, as a pleasure, but it quickly took lots of space in my life.

Your favourite place to photograph in Madeira?

I would say fanal, pico do Areeiro, and north coast in general.  But the place doesn’t really matter. In photography, all is about light. And the light in Madeira is pretty awesome, especially in those months (September, October, November) so I love to shoot in any place at the moment the light is special.

Your favourite local food/restaurant?

The prego from Restaurante Balcony, the wellcom bar in town, and the seafood.
I was not into seafood before to come in Madeira, but this island changed my mind in lots of senses.

Your meeting point?

Mini Eco Bar in Funchal. I love so much to be there that I can even go alone to do nothing or enjoy a good cocktail, but most of the time, I know I’ll find someone I know there.

If a friend comes over to visit you, where would you take him?

Sunrise in Pico do Arieiro, for sure. Then one-day surfing in Porto da Cruz, best experience to appreciate Madeira is an unusual way, and the surf school are pretty good, friendly and professional in same time. And to do the Levada of Caldeirão Verde, which is for me the most “wow” Levada I did until now. I also like Fajã dos Padres, which I think still is an underrated place here. Time stop there, it’s a special place that I love a lot for many reasons.

What do you like the most about living here?

For sure the quality of life, the weather and the fact I realised one of my oldest dreams (a fantasy I can even say): being a surfer. So I would say that it’s my relationship with the ocean. I was living far away from the sea when I was living in Strasbourg, it was only for the summer holidays, and I always saw that as a privilege. So, to have it in front of me every day, it’s something I can’t get rid off.

What do you miss the most about France?

Food, and more specifically, CHEESE!

Your dream trip?

Bali with no hesitation, and all Asia in general. The dream of the dream would be a long road trip in all of Asia.
Iceland, just after.

Your motto?

My motto is not to have one. I don’t like too much fixing on one idea. I like to change my opinion when needed. But if I had to have one, is listen to your intuition more than people. Intuition is something very powerful. Intuition, and intention. I can see it in photography. My first intuition always gave me the best pictures. If you listen too much to people or try to please them, you’ll never do anything.

So, besides giving useful tips about Madeira, 🙂 I believe that Ben is a great photographer, reliable and professional, plus a good person to meet. Go ahead and book a photo session in Madeira with him. You can also follow his work on Instagram.


Thanks, Ben and good luck! 😉

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