Two weeks in Mozambique with the SPAY SISTERS

I still find it hard to put into words how much I enjoyed my last trip to Mozambique. I will try my best. (8 min read) As some of you might know, besides being a travel blogger, I am a vet, so this trip was not the typical tourist escape… In the last two weeks, I joined the UK charity SPAY SISTERS, founded by three incredible vets including my dear friend Ella Stekly, who I met in Madeira 10 years ago. How do SPAY SISTERS work? Spay Sisters started in June 2006. The aim of this charity is to sterilise as many animals as possible throughout the world. They intend to save a few dog, and cat lives leading them to a healthier existence by the control of reproduction. Post operation the animals become calmer, fight less, get fewer diseases and naturally don’t produce vast quantities of kittens and puppies each year. A single cat or dog can be responsible for 20,000 descendants in five years – just a reminder. SPAY SISTERS original trustees are … Continue reading Two weeks in Mozambique with the SPAY SISTERS