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Luxury houses and apartments in Madeira – Madeira Legacy

Luxury houses and apartments in Madeira – Madeira Legacy

The island of Madeira is a long-lasting passion for many visitors. The mild climate, the sunshine hours per year, the lifestyle and the proximity to the European continent and the sea are just some of the many reasons that make Madeira an ideal choice. Some visitors even end up buying houses or apartments in Madeira, whether to go on vacation, to enjoy retirement or to live permanently.

In this article, we talked to Madeira Legacy, to find some dream homes and apartments in Madeira, and get useful tips on how to buy a property on the island.

1. Who is Madeira Legacy and what sets it apart from other real estate companies?

Madeira Legacy is a real estate company headquartered in Funchal, with 13 years of experience in the market, directed to real estate of quality and luxury.

What sets us apart is customer support – our team of professionals focuses daily on following up and meeting the needs of those who contact us. We want to help our customers make dreams come true, that is our goal.

2. What are the basic requirements to buy a house/apartment in Madeira?

Firstly contact Madeira Legacy 🙂

The basic requirements are, above all, to have the will and financial conditions to acquire a property on this wonderful island. Then, you just have to follow all the steps in our guide.

3. How does the process of buying a house/apartment in Madeira Legacy work?

After the first contact, we present/visit several properties, according to the client’s wish list. Our list of properties is vast and diverse in terms of prices, typology and location, and always based on quality.

When the customer finds the property you are looking for, it is very simple – we move on to the next phase:

-Contract promise of buying and selling (if requested bank credit for the purchase)

-Deed of purchase

4. What are the most sought after areas in Madeira?

Funchal is one of the most sought after areas in Madeira, without a doubt. We have real estate in more traditional areas such as historical areas, as well as in areas that are a trend, as is the case of Lido and Ajuda.

5. What kind of assistance or support do you offer to your clients – is it possible to buy a house/apartment in Madeira from a distance?

Yes, it is possible and we give all the necessary support. Madeira Legacy does all the mediation of real estate (purchase, sale and trespass). We also deal in the leasing/administration of the real estate, and we do the necessary remodelling and decorations. This service has already been provided to many investors, both local and foreign, and the feedback was very positive. We have a wide range of partnerships in the areas of legal, accounting, decoration, engineering and architecture. We give a complete follow-up to the client, namely to the non-habitual resident, in the patrimonial evaluation, translation of the documents, access to the Golden Visa, recuperation and decoration of the property.

This is a job that gives us enormous pleasure and our focus is always on meeting the particular needs of each client.


6. How can customers get in touch with Madeira Legacy?

Through our website, email (, mobile phone (+351 937 777 700), social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest), or through our partners, who advertise our properties.

Our office is located in the centre of Funchal, right next to Rotunda do Infante, in the following address: Avenida Arriaga, 50 Diogos II Building – 1st Floor, Rooms 5 and 6 9000-064 – Funchal.

Contact us and put us to the test;)

Thanks Madeira Legacy, best wishes.

Disclaimer: This article was supported by Madeira Legacy.

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