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I would also like to share with you some of the testimonials and comments this blog has received. If you’d like to leave yours feel free to leave a comment. Obrigada!

I booked a spontaneous trip to Madeira and was really thankful to come across the From Madeira to Mars blog. So many great tips, especially for cafes and restaurants. I went to one bar Sofia recommended three times, because I loved it so much.
Sophia Burton

Sofia, we have to thank you! Your blog has certainly been seen by several people. Mostly travelers because we have received customers who came through your blog !!!
No doubt, your work has an important role, therefore, in relation to the amount and quality of information about Madeira, continue!!! And congratulations on your work !!! A hug !!
Andrea Aznar

Thanks a lot for this blog, Sofia! It’s really well done. It’s giving me a lot of inspiration for my trip to Madeira with all the useful tips that you gave to us. I like your writing style and pictures are really lovely. GO on like this!
Marco Mecarozzi

From Madeira to Mars found us through the publication “10 restaurants with vegetarian food in Madeira” which created a bridge between our restaurant and people in Madeira. Very grateful to Sofia for her sensitivity to perceive what unique thing we had and that she has shown on her blog. This blog is representative of the sensitivity of Sofia for her ability to capture photographically and in words is more than worthy and full of beautiful details. Thanks Sofia for having looked at us.
Luis and Roberto

“From Madeira to Mars” is one of those blogs that you like right from the first visit. With excellent content, it is a light, fresh reading and gives us good energy. I also like the image and photographs that illustrate it (one of the most beautiful, is in my opinion, the first photo of the post “If Santorini could speak …”).
“Top 3” on the blog:
1 – Precisely the excellent tips and travel trivia, organized in list format, like “top 5,” “top 10”, … “top 40”! In my view, easy to understand and good for checking the areas already achieved.
2 – Travel guides with excellent suggestions, with and without children. I went to London recently and took with me all the blog tips! or even for those who “travel to Madeira.”
3 – The passion for Madeira (which I share) makes the blog present us interesting details of our Island, which for many was unknown.
I wish all the best to the blog “From Madeira to Mars,” and I hope it continues to grow and provide us a good time reading it!
Nadia Silva

I follow the blog devoutly from the start and I like ( a lot) the genuine way of writing. This is where I’m always discovering or remembering details of our beautiful island and great ideas for activities and routes of easy achievement.
The trips are always inspiring and more than once they were the determining factor in choosing a destination for small getaways.
Isabel Ferreira

Your blog is amazing: I found many interesting informations to plan my trip to Madeira. Thank you even for your fast answer to my questions. I’ve started to follow you also on Instagram and your beautiful pics are giving me some hints others for my vacation. Thanks!
Giulia Ussi

We have followed the blog “From Madeira to Mars” for the quality of content of the articles there. We were surprised and proud when Sofia invited us to talk a little about our brand, when most of the media did not. It only shows that she is interested and aware of everything that happens here on the island. We will continue to be assiduous readers of the wonderful texts and we hope she continues the good work. Thank you for remembering WAO ?

Not being an adept person or a follower of blogs I have always felt great empathy and interest in Madeira From To Mars, for several reasons. First, the theme of travel is a common interest. Then, the unpretentious and passionate way that you write not only about tourism outside but also for enhancement of our Island. All this makes it very interesting in content, not only as inspiration for my travels (I was the other day to Paris and I remembered that you had written an article on the subject and I reviewed it) but also for the people who came to visit me, who I recommend reading what you write. Thank you for sharing your vision of the world with us.
Ana Flor

I found “From Madeira to Mars” when I first googled ‘things to do in Madeira with kids’. Having read only negative assumptions written by tourists who had tried to discover the Island in a more kid-friendly way -which seems a big challenge in Madeira- I was very surprised to see the opposite on Sofia’s blog. It made me instantly curious and encouraged me to see the island with different eyes…Yes, there is so much more to see off the beaten track. Some time later I invited Sofia to visit our local business an Ayurveda Cure Center to write a recommendation on us to publish on her blog. The article was a big success and had even been published in the local newspaper in portugese. It supported our PR not only for the English speaking but also for the portugese target group.
To sum it up “From Madeira to Mars” is a big enrichment for Madeira Island it provides helpful yet special, beautiful written and interesting information from a local with excellent taste, as well for tourists as also for local people.

Nathalie Azkue Moukom

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This blog talks about the island where I was born and live - Madeira, and my endless journey to discover the world until (one day, who knows) I get to visit Mars.


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