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A weekend in Fajã dos Padres, Madeira

faja dos padres

A weekend in Fajã dos Padres, Madeira

A few days ago we spent a weekend in Fajã dos Padres. I already knew its charms and stunning views, through several  daytime visits over the years, but I had never stayed there overnight. I can now tell you; it is a privilege!


Because when the visitors leave, the Fajã becomes “ours”, it’s just us and the silence, interrupted by the sound of the waves, the sea birds, the dancing of the wind in the leaves of the trees – it’s our little paradise, our haven of peace and natural beauty.

And I still haven’t told you about the warm colors of sunrise and sunset…
…the cheerful colours of the papayas, the mangoes, the green walks under the vines and among the fruit trees, by the sea…


Another detail to mention are the breakfast with local fresh fruits by the sea – a delight for all senses!

How do you get to Fajã dos Padres?

We used the cable car to descend along the impressive 300 meter cliff. Cable car access costs €10 (free for children up to 11 years old, as well as for guests staying at Fajã dos Padres houses.)

What to do in Fajã dos Padres?

  • In addition to access to the beach, walks through the trees, the impressive cable car ride, and meals at the beachfront restaurant, you can also book the following activities:
  • Simple guided tours or with fruit tasting – cost €19.5 and €27, respectively, including access by cable car;
  • Visits to the Malvasia wine cellar tasting – are limited to small groups and guests only. They have a cost of €25 per person (in addition to access);
  • Rental of kayaks and paddle surfing on the beach – rental costs €5/half hour;
  • In summer, upon prior reservation, you can take a boat trip from Fajã to explore the surroundings, lasting about 1 hour. Occasionally, gastronomic events take place.
If you wish to stay overnight you can book it here.



In case you are looking for a retreat for your soul, nature and tranquility, Fajã dos Padres offers you a unique experience in Madeira. See you soon!




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