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“Meet the locals” – Fábio Teixeira, Machico

“Meet the locals “- Fábio Teixeira, Machico.

I believe that the best way to experience a destination is through the eyes of those who live there. So, I created this entry on the blog called “Meet the locals”. The goal is to show, through short interviews with locals, the chosen destination.

Machico city

Machico city

This time, I suggest a trip to Machico, with the tips of Fábio Teixeira, who currently lives there. I met him at my gym, the Fitness Innovation Lab as a Personal Trainer, a great professional which I highly recommend to you, plus he speaks English fluently. After a short time, I lost 3 kilos and 7% body fat. So, well worth the effort!

Let me introduce you to Fábio Teixeira.


Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

I was born in Madeira, where I lived until the age of 18. I grew up by the sea, in Machico. I went to the University of Porto where I finished my academic training and lived very happyly! During my stay in Porto I worked as a coach at the Polytechnic Institute of Porto and the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Porto. I taught physical education in some schools and worked in the area of swimming and fitness. Inside the gym, I specialize in different areas such as: “asthma,” “obesity”, “hypertension”, “pregnant”, “aged”, “osteoporosis” and “cancer”. I had the privilege of contacting with amazing people and this experience made me realize the impact of my contribution to the happiness and physical / psychological well-being of someone – That makes me very happy and fulfilled professionally. After 7 years in the “very noble” city of Porto, I went back to my island for professional reasons.

And here I am living in this “paradise” that allows me to work and enjoy life.

Your “secret” retreat?

The beach of Machico / sea front where I enjoy listening to the sound of waves or the pier of Pedra d ‘Eira, next to the Whale Museum, Caniçal.

Cais da Pedra d' Eira - Foto do Fábio Teixeira

Cais da Pedra d’ Eira – Foto do Fábio Teixeira

Your favorite restaurant?

To eat seafood I like “Muralhas”, in Caniçal, to eat a good espetada, I choose “Vides” in Estreito de Câmara de Lobos and to eat fresh fish, the “Maré Alta” in Machico.


This photo was courtesy of Isabel Saldanha. Do not forget to visit her site You will be delighted with the quality and originality of her work.

Your meeting point in Machico?

The key point is to have fun and to be with my friends. The choices go to the “Capital Bar”, the “Portas dos Sonhadores” and “Bar do Décio”. In the bar Old Rock you can drink and excellent lime Poncha. In  “Cantinho do Ricardo” you can drink the famous  fisherman’s Poncha and enjoy the famous wings of chicken.

Poncha Machico

Fisherman’s Poncha and Chiken wings

The Best Scenario?

The view of Pico do Facho, where we can contemplate the Caniçal, the Desert, the city of Machico and even airplanes to land / take off at the airport, show! (In the days of good weather, we also see the Pico Ruivo.)

West view of Pico do Facho

West view of Pico do Facho

East view of Pico do Facho

East view of Pico do Facho

If a friend comes to visit in Machico where would you take him? 

The first place must be the home of my grandparents. There, he would get to know a typical Madeiran family, where everyone gets together in the evenings. Then we could go strolling around the sights of Machico, to see the beautiful views of this coast: Caniçal, Porto da Cruz and Água de Pena. We could also go to Machico promenade to go for a run or ride a bike. Finally (as it must be), we would drink a Poncha at some of the sites mentioned above, such as the “Portas dos Sonhadores”.

Porta dos Sonhadores

Porta dos Sonhadores

Porta dos Sonhadores

Porta dos Sonhadores

What does it mean for you “truly Madeiran”?

Truly Madeiran means to receive guests as only we know, to speak with our unique accent. Truly Madeiran means to protect and defend our roots, and never be ashamed of it. It also means to have the privilege of living where others want to come on holiday!:)

How would you describe your perfect day in Madeira?

My perfect day here on the island is to wake up early, practice some exercise and then spend the day on the beach close to those who are dear to me. Have dinner with the family and end the day on a terrace talking without an ending time….

What do you like most in your profession?

“Do what you like and you will never have to work a day of your life” This is the quote that best defines what I do, because I’m lucky to be passionate about my profession; teacher / instructor Fitness. I like to be able to change the lives of people by making them happier and more confident about themselves.

Your dream trip?

This is one of my biggest addictions, to travel. For me, it simply means “to change the clothing of your soul” – on every trip I get to know a little more about myslef. I love learning about other countries, other cultures, I feel that it enriches me. I think my dream trip, would be traveling for 6 months around the world :). I would also like to go to Vietnam and Las Vegas.

Rome - April 2014

Rome – April 2014

Your motto?

“Be the way that life requires you to be” is one of the lines of my life because it reflects the adaptability that we must have for upcoming the obstacles of life. Another phrase that  I identify myslef with is “A man is the size of his dream” by Fernando Pessoa.

Thank you very much Fábio! 🙂


PS – If you’re looking for a hotel to stay in Machico here are some options:

Have fun!

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