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Holidays in Dubai | 4 days itinerary

4 days of holiday in Dubai

I just got back from Dubai. It was a last minute travel, without much planning or preparation.

The reason for a trip to Dubai? A direct and cheap flight from Emirates from Lisbon to Dubai, my niece’s residency in Dubai and travel to an unknown destination were more than enough reasons for me to get going.

Arriving in Dubai was exciting, seeing family we have not seen for a long time, for me, is always good. We arrived at Dubai Airport at 1 am and as the metro no longer works at that hour we booked a transfer from Dubai Airport to our apartment. We stayed in the Dubai Marina area.

November is a great time to visit Dubai. The lower temperatures (average 25º C) allow you to walk comfortably in the street and enjoy the beach without stinging in the sun.

First impressions of Dubai?

Dubai smells good. It is a vast, clean, safe city, great for kids and adults, organised, easy to like at first glance. There are incredible buildings, including the world’s most massive tower (the Burj Khalifa), gold markets, spices, perfumes, many hotels and shopping centres. There is good taste in architecture, in restaurants, in cars and even in gyms. There are lots of plastic surgery clinics, tanning centres (unbelievably), countless Rolls Royce, Tesla, Lamborghinis and Ferraris that fill the first row of shopping malls. The cars registration numbers are paid, the lower the number the higher the prestige. Registration number 1 is from the Sheikh. Taxis and cars are very cheap and the apartments expensive. The taxes are low but the fines are high (that’s what we were told). Fines are paid for crossing the traffic light in the yellow light or crossing the street on foot, without being at the crosswalk.

I did not see many dogs on the street, but I saw some cats moving around the city. On the roads and walks you cannot see many bicycles or children walking, however, the shopping centres are full of families. There is also a vast seafront promenade with fabulous views and the marinas are filled with yachts of all sizes and shapes. Knowing that this city was built in the desert, it is impressive its size and infrastructures. The construction never stops, whether day or night but at what price? Will there be an offer for so much development? It seems so. Dubai is active in tourism.

Simultaneously, Dubai is an Islamic city with several traditions. There are many times of the day where the chants echo loudly from the loudspeakers of the city mosques. At first it’s strange then it becomes comforting.

What does Dubai look like?

Dubai is a city like I’ve never seen before. It welcomes people from all over the world, looking for better opportunities in life.

It has a frenetic pace, a lot of traffic, a lot of work and a lot of fun. It has a World Trade Center similar to New York, several leisure parks, many restaurants and beaches that resemble a Caribbean postcard.

There is luxury and ostentation. There is also friendliness, good morning smiles and thank you  greetings, excellent hospitality and good restaurants. There is security and rules to comply with the penalty of paying hefty fines. There is no alcohol for sale in supermarkets or restaurants, and there are specific places to smoke. It is a city of stars, lights, fireworks, bright and colourful fountains.

Dubai is a city that makes us believe that there is nothing impossible. In Dubai anything is possible, that’s what, in my opinion, is this city’s identity card.
What are the attractions not to miss in Dubai?

Going to Dubai without seeing the Palm Tree is like not going to Dubai at all… Try the Hop in-Hop Off bus circuit.

Take a guided tour of Abu Dhabi – Be fascinated by the Mosque and the Louvre of Abu Dhabi.

Visit something different like the Global Village and the Miracle Garden.

Take the instagram photo in Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab Hotel.

Where to go shopping in Dubai?

Dubai Mall, Emirates Mall ,Dubai Outlet Mall, Box ParkSouk Deira and Kitesurf Beach.

Where can you go to the beach in Dubai?

La mer e Kitesurf beach.

la mer dubai

La mer dubai La mer dubai La mer beach Dubai

Where to stay in Dubai?

Luxury  – Jumeirah Beach Hotel, One&Only, Burj Al Arab, Versace Hotel.

Jumeirah hotel

Accomodation with good value for money: Atana HotelApartaments to rent no Dubai.Dubai As one friend of mine used to say; “Dubai is the Euro Disney of the adults”. I agree.

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