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Do you really need to travel to enjoy a holiday? (Eng/Port)


Do you really need to Travel to go on a Holiday ?

The more I Travel the more I ask myself this question.
Does holiday means travel?
Personaly i seek a holiday to allow time for myself, to disconect from daily life, to relax, to rediscover the power to go on.

This includes having slow meals, moments of fun and insight and finding inspiration from what I see, hear, listen and learn around me.

To Travel, for me, is to escape, to go on a adventure, to know better, to get out there and feel the difference.

So, my answer is no. You don’t have to travel to have a holiday, you can take a couple of days off from your work, switch off your phone and indulge yourself in a world of delights.
Now managing to do this in your home, in your own city, is not an easy task, can u do it?

So I’ll leave you with these 2 questions:
Do you feel that you had a Holiday each time you Travel for that purpose?
What’s your secret to having both? 🙂

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