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Starting the blog From Madeira to Mars…

Starting the blog From Madeira to Mars…

Travel magazines – that’s where this whole thing started. I bought each new number and eventually ended up subscribing for one whole year.

I loved everything about it, the amazing photography, the words, the places it took me to. I could really travel through those pages and picture myself in the most exotic locations , I could close my eyes and dream awake…

I felt in love for the travels in my mind and the magic of virtually flying through magazines and blogs when you can’t be there for yourself. Hope you feel that way, when reading this blog, for it’s all about making travellers smile and sharing happy times with you.

Let’s travel to where curiosity takes us, whether its Madeira or Mars.

Welcome! Please take a seat, relax and enjoy!

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This blog talks about the island where I was born and live - Madeira, and my endless journey to discover the world until (one day, who knows) I get to visit Mars.

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