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Christmas, from Madeira to Mars…

Christmas from Madeira to Mars…

There is so much to tell you about Christmas in Madeira I do not even know where to begin.

As of mid-December, locals send greetings of “Boas Festas” (Happy Holidays) as they meet on the streets.

They go for evening walks to see the “ Xmas lights” with family or friends.

Chicken soup, hot chocolate and sandwiches of wine meat and garlic, warm early morning mornings, full of chores.

They go knocking on friends doors, to sample the pickles, the vinaigrette onions, and share recipes for cookies and liqueurs. There’s singing, eating and drinking, but above all togetherness.

Nativity scenes, childbirth masses, nights at the market, molasses cakes, liqueurs, flower decorations, togetherness, chants and traditions… everything becomes a party by contagious magic.

The streets are lit up beautifully, from the “strings” of lights in the mountains to the year’s number at every corner of Funchal’s bay.

To understand the beauty of Christmas in Madeira, you need to walk through the island’s streets feel the ambience (and the temperature).

It’s this special burst of emotions, where everyone belongs, friends, family and visitors, from Madeira to Mars.

Recently, I had a Christmas dinner with my family earlier this month. Fifty people gathered, between parents, brothers, children and cousins ​​from first to third grade (who had not seen each other for a long time) –  and so it was Christmas…

It’s that Christmas becomes Christmas when we realise where we came from and why we are who we are.

Christmas is when we feel at home.

I wish you all a Happy Holiday ♥

PS – To all those who spend Christmas without their loved ones, a strong hug. May your friends come knocking on your door and that you find some comfort in a bowl of hot chicken soup – do not give up! A toast to life and come 2019 🙂

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