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How I plan my travels.

Planning trips is one of my favorite activities. Over time, and a few not so good experiences, I realized that there are some reservations sites I prefer because I find them easier and more intuitive, offering more variety and good prices. So, I decided to share here on the blog which are the sites that I use to book my flights, hotels and car rental. Regarding hotels I use Booking. I think it’s a very complete site because I can select not only the type of hotels (5 stars to apartments or hostels) but also the price I’m willing to spend per night. It also gives me the option to select extras like wifi or swimming pool and even to view only the hotels that have good reviews (eg + 8 in the 1-10 classification).I always read the comments about the hotel, sometimes the photos are very beautiful but the comments are terrible. It is also good to take into account how many people have reviewed. To have 10 very good reviews is very different …

How can I help you?

Let’s connect!     First of all, thank you. For visiting my site and giving me the opportunity to inspire you somehow, in the midst of so much information on social media. I try to bring you something new, real and imperfect, as all that is human made. I thank you for the positive reinforcements that I’ve been receiving either on likes, comments, shares, subscriptions or simply for reading my blog. It allows me to continue to share what inspires me in this crazy, brilliant life. So, how can I help you? Are you planning your next holiday and need personalized tips? Do you have a business and need help promoting it in social media? Are looking to be featured on this blog? Do you need my services as a copywriter for your business, shop, restaurant, tours, hotel? ⇒ Please contact me anasofianv@ and check out my social media channels. You can find my professional path on Linkedin, photos on Instagram, conversations on Facebook and interests on Pinterest. ⇒ If you find my content helpful, please …

Instagram contas-me uma História?

Se há uma aplicação que eu gosto muito é o INSTAGRAM. Gratuito, privado ou público; vocês escolhem. Escolhem também quem querem seguir desde o Jamie Oliver ao National Geographic, Mafaldapintoleite, GarethPon, TimBrado, Humansofnewyork, notmynonni, e claro, os madeirense laurafbrm, plencastre, madeiralovers ou ricardoramin – alguns dos meus favoritos. O que é que mais gosto no Instagram? Gosto das histórias que as fotografias contam, de ver aquilo que não vi, gosto das citações que fazem refletir, gosto de recordar a minha própria história e de acompanhar os amigos que estão longe.   Hoje apeteceu-me partilhar convosco algumas das minhas histórias, muitas delas partilhadas no Instagram do Budgettraveller, que contam um pouco da nossa vida e das viagens ao longo destes últimos 2 anos. ( Cliquem nas Fotos para lerem mais sobre a fotografia) Se gostarem, sigam-nos por aqui: frommadeiratomars e budgettraveller. Divirtam-se e sejam felizes em 2015. Beijos Sofia Não deixem morrer a vossa criatividade, fotografem o que vos apetecer e divirtam-se!