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Shopping in Madeira

Shopping in Madeira Island

 When you visit Madeira, you’ll find the typical souvenir shops that sell Honey cake and Madeira wine. They are both great and I recommend it. However, one of the things I like when I travel is to seek for shops of local designers, which I do not find elsewhere. With this globalization, I always get a bit annoyed to see the same kind of shops everywhere and it delights me when I find a special store or any item that is unique. I also like to go home and whenever I look at that piece, I have a story to tell, being able to associate it with a moment of my life, or the person who gave it me. Incidentally, this is also one of the pleasures of traveling, finding pieces that tell stories (eventually) have a sentimental, timeless value. So I proposed myself to show my readers  special gifts from Madeira. I suggest wonderful gifts to yourself (or to anyone you like giving special gifts to), which are the result of Madeiran creativity, ranging …