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From Madeira to London

“From Madeira to London” by Duarte Câmara

I believe that the best way to discover a destination is through the eyes of those who live there. That is why I created this section on the blog “Meeting with the locals”. The objective is to show, through short interviews, the chosen destination.

This time, I suggest a trip to London, with tips from Duarte Câmara, who has lived there for six years.

I have known Duarte for about 30 years. Friends while teens, the quarantine got us in contact a few months ago and as some say, everything happens for a reason.
Allow me to introduce you to Duarte Câmara.

Your biography:

I was born in Madeira, where I lived until I studied architecture in Porto. I stayed there for 7 years and started my professional life. I keep fond memories of the “people of the North” and a very unique city, of well-rooted cultures and neighbourhoods.

For professional reasons and connection to my homeland, I returned to Madeira to work in a private architectural firm in Funchal. Later, I opened my own space/office there, but after nine years, I wanted a little more and went to the UK, looking for a new professional, international experience.

Currently, in London, I combine architecture and systems design, creating “smart homes”.

What made you go to London?

I’m not one to stand still and I like to be very busy professionally. During the years that I worked in Madeira, I did interesting projects in the residential and commercial areas. I invested in architecture, and at the same time I was designing, I did real estate evaluations and taught some classes. Despite all these activities, there were moments of stagnation, so I felt I needed more.

I saw some of my colleagues emigrate, and I felt that I could also find new professional opportunities in a big city. I got to know London as a teenager, on vacation, and since then it has stayed with me as a special place. Due to its proximity to Madeira, it was easy to choose this destination for a new professional adventure.

trafalgar square

Trafalgar Square

If a friend were to visit you in London, where would you take him for a walk?


Breakfast in Notting Hill, on Portobello Road, preferably in a cafe with outdoor seating, to see the vibe of Portobello Market. (Saturday is the main day). After wandering through the market, we descended towards Hyde Park, and crossed Kensington Gardens, towards Bankside. After a stroll along the river and to work up an appetite, the Anchor Bankside pub is a good option.

Kensignton Gardens

Kensignton Gardens


To Greenwich, by river boat from one of the Bankside or London Bridge City piers. Lunch at Greenwich Market, with many options for “street food”.

Chinese Street Food - Jian Bing

Chinese Street Food – Jian Bing


Back in the centre, and as it is almost mandatory to climb to a high point for the best views of the city, I would choose the Sky Garden, on top of the Walkie Talkie building – the highest public garden in London, with a 360-degree view ( Click here to view the view)! Please note that it is necessary to book in advance.


Maybe a good Argentine beef steak at Gaucho (a chain that has several restaurants in London). I know Chancery Lane in Holborn and enjoyed the experience. For nightlife, I like the bars in the Shoreditch area.

What is your meeting point in London?

Train stations are always interesting meeting points due to their strategic position. Besides bringing me good memories, there are always interesting pubs nearby for first conversations.

Vauxhall Train Station

Vauxhall Train Station

The Covent Garden area, with its square always full of street performers, pubs, restaurants and markets, is always a fantastic spot to start a late afternoon on a Friday.

Best quality/price suggestion to stay in London?

I advise staying out of the centre, for example in Wimbledon (Zone 3). This residential location has a fantastic transport network, which takes us to the centre in just 20-30 minutes. In addition to being picturesque, Wimbledon has its leafy area, which reminds us of the countryside. No wonder their motto is: “Wimbledon is where town meets country”.

Wimbledon Village

Wimbledon Village

In the centre of Wimbledon is the renovated Premier Inn Wimbledon (Broadway) – a good option.

For more Wimbledon options⇒ click here

Other areas of London, search here:


London transport tips

How to get from Gatwick/Heathrow Airport to central London?

London has a good public transport system, structured from Zone 1 to Zone 6, radially. We also have Zones 7, 8 and 9, outside of Greater London.

At major airports, such as Gatwick (outside of Greater London), we always have access to trains to the centre, in addition to taxis and buses. From Heathrow Airport (Zone 6) you can also take the underground, which stops inside the airport.

  • I take this opportunity to talk about the Oyster card, which is an electronic smartcard essential to travel in London. In addition to the options: daily, weekly, monthly pass, it can be used as a top-up card (minimum value of 5 pounds). You can purchase it at train/tube stations or outside newspaper/magazine shops (here called “newsagents”). It gives us access to the entire public transport network (Zones 1-9), buses, trains, tube, overground, trams, river bus, and even the Emirates Air Line, (a unique cable car, southwest of the city, that crosses the river). Generally, outside Greater London, the Oyster Card does not cover and other fares are required (but there are exceptions such as Gatwick Airport).

What is your favourite restaurant in London?

Of the countless restaurants that exist here, I will select two, different from each other, but both fantastic, which have been mandatory stopping points whenever I have visits from family or friends. They are always full, with that frenzy and dynamic characteristic of good restaurants. In London, table reservations are generally recommended.

Wright Brothers in Borough Market.



I came across this gem, by chance, during a visit from a friend, when we were walking near London Bridge looking for a seafood restaurant. This brand is a fish and seafood supplier to several restaurants.

There are 5 restaurants in this chain, but the first one (near the famous Borough Market) is my favourite. Small and always busy, eating seafood at cramped tables or over the counter is always a delicious experience.

The last one to open is close to the emblematic Battersea Power Station and has an outdoor seating area facing the river. It’s spacious, whether for larger groups or quiet meals. I suggest starting with some oysters, from the English or French coast, even for those who are not fond of it (like I used to be). Every time I go there now, I ask for a plate as part of the ritual. The mussels are the tastiest I’ve ever eaten, especially accompanied by a good French white wine.

Before lunch, I suggest trying a craft beer at Battersea Brewery, as a starter 😉

Battersea Brewery

Battersea Brewery

Another restaurant I like is called Mediterraneo.

It is located in Notting Hill, near Portobello Road, and is an Italian restaurant. Stylish, comfortable and homely, I got to know it through locals, and from then, it became an obligatory stop. I like Tonnarelli with cherry tomatoes, Italian bacon and pecorino Romano cheese, or Fettuccine with wild mushrooms, pine nuts and Italian bacon. For dessert, I suggest the strawberry cheesecake.

What is your favourite store in London?

carnaby street

Carnaby street

We built This City – For different and original souvenirs, like small pieces of art or illustrations. It’s a shop that resembles a small art gallery. It is located on Carnaby Street and sponsors young local artists.

Tate Modern has three stores inside. My favourite is in the Blavatnik Building. I can spend hours there, seeing/choosing art and architecture books.

London Graphics is essential for any visual artist, designer, and architect when it comes to technical and artistic material.

What is your “happy place” in London?

Near the river, that’s always where I end up going. Bankside and Richmond, completely different from each other, are my favourite places. My passion for painting often takes me to the Bankside Gallery, the home of the Royal Watercolor Society. Small and comfortable, it has exhibitions of contemporary watercolours.


Richmond bridge

If a colleague of yours asked you for advice about going to work in London, what would you say?

Preparation and planning are the keywords.

First: study the city.

Preparation before arrival is essential. Understand how the city is organised: understand the main boroughs above and below the river, and understand how the postcodes are structured (essential to find out where we are and where we want to go).

London map

London map

Second: get as much information as possible on the post-Brexit era. Entry into the UK for residence/work purposes now requires a work visa. This can be obtained from the government website through a points system, depending on qualifications, type of work, etc. It is now necessary to obtain, in advance, a job offer from a certified company, with a stipulated annual salary, and an intermediate level of English. For more information, you can visit the Consulate General of Portugal website.

Third: search for the place to live

Seek offers to let a house/flat, search for the places, neighbourhoods and their differences. Most employing companies value proximity to the workplace.

Today there is a lot of information on the internet, and blogs such as Tuga in London and Londonist. To search for a house, I suggest sites like Rightmove and Zoopla.

What do you miss most about Madeira?

The lightness of the air you breathe there. The time we have there, which yields a lot and gives us the freedom to do a lot in one day. The visual immensity of the sea.

And of course, above all, family, friends, festivities and social events, to which I was so used to.

What is your dream trip?

Japan, for being a complex country, and full of contrasts – ancient cultures that coexist with one of the most technologically advanced societies. For what it brought to contemporary western architecture, simplicity, minimalism and the perfect symbiosis with natural elements.

What is your motto?

Never give up! In London, I learned that persisting and waiting for what we really believe and want, is an important part of the journey to get there.

Thank you, Duarte! 🙂

Estreito da Calheta

Getaway in Estreito da Calheta: what to see and do in a 3-day itinerary

Getaway in Estreito da Calheta: what to see and do in a 3-day itinerary

Estreito da Calheta, is about 40 km from Funchal. A short 45 minute drive allows us to reach this corner of the island. I have to confess that I had been dreaming about this getaway for some time now … An old flirt by the Hotel Átrio, was the perfect motivation to visit and I felt in love with this place.

hotel atrio

Day 1 | Estreito da Calheta | (Friday)

Hotel Atrio - book online

In addition to the tranquility of its location, there is great taste in decoration with special attention to details and the hospitality. The central courtyard is a meeting area and a highlight of the hotel. It is well lit by the sun, punctuated with small fruit trees and surrounded by walls of warm and enveloping colors that seem to say “welcome”. This patio gives access to the restaurant, and to a corridor that leads to the garden and the swimming pool. There are flowers everywhere, and paths lined with nature, where silence is king.


hotel atrio


We stayed in bungalow nº 11, which has a very nice bed, click here to see the video.

hotel átrio

We ended up spending the afternoon relaxing on the sun loungers by the pool… and we also became friends with a cat named Serrano.

At dinner, we went to a restaurant that we discovered by the road and it was a success! It is called Fontes do Horácio.

fontes do Horácio


Day 2 | Estreito da Calheta | Jardim do Mar | Paúl do Mar (Saturday)

After having breakfast by the pool, we asked for directions to go through the levadas around this location. Going up the asphalt road next to the hotel, we arrive at a white house from the Forest Guard, and if we go to the left side we will reach Prazeres and Ponta do Pargo, but if walk towards the right side we will reach Estrela da Calheta and there we have two options: 1) Get off at the indicator sign (Lombo / Estrela) towards the road to Estrela da Calheta or 2) keep walking straight towards Rabaçal.


We opted for option 2 (about 2h-3h walk to Estrela da Calheta) and then we took a taxi back to the hotel, where we had lunch and spent the afternoon in the sweet laziness of  doing absolutely nothing.

We also learned a cute curious fact, that Funchal locals are called here “Lanchas”, yes that is the name given to Funchalenses in this part of the island. Apparently, it had to do with the speedboat (translated to Portuguese as lanchas) connection between Funchal and Calheta, in the old days.

At night, we went to Jardim do Mar, to walk through its picturesque nooks and corners. There are two restaurants that I really like in this area, Joe’s Bar and Portinho, but for a change we ended up at Paúl do Mar, where we had a snack in one of the bars next to the pier.





Another place, where one can eat good fish in Paul do Mar, is Maktub, also known for its famous for its mojitos and beautiful sunsets.

On the way back to the Hotel, we discovered a charming Wine Bar, called D’ALMA. Chocolate & a glass of Madeira Wine…gave me happy dreams.


Day 3 | Estreito da Calheta | Prazeres (Sunday)

We took option 2 of the Levada, towards Prazeres – about 1h / 1h30m depending on the pace and breaks for photos. In Prazeres, we went to XS Café, a place with a lot of style, famous for the apple pie and the chocolate brownie, which I can confirm is very tasty.

Then we visited the Prazeres Art Gallery, which had some interesting works from madeiran artists on display. We ended the visit with a glass of cider from Prazeres at the Gallery’s cafe, accompanied by a slice of homemade orange cake.

On the way back to the hotel, we took a different path along the main road, through eucalyptus and shadows that danced with the wind.

In the late afternoon, we went to PUKIKI, the only TIKI BAR in Madeira, which is a nice tip. The environment, the history of the Madeira-Hawai connection, its authenticity and cocktails are a delight. If you’ve never been there, try it one of these days.

It was a happy ending for a weekend that felt like a long break, and made us feel elsewhere, inside the island. Oh we were so in need of this …

Thank you ♥



caminhadas curtas na Madeira

3 half-day walks in Madeira (2-3 hours)

Last week, I took 3 days off from work. I wanted to spend some time with my kids and take them outdoors to spend sometime offline. In Madeira, at the moment, wearing a mask is compulsory. Restaurants, comercial activity and some walks are still open until 5 pm on weekends and 6 pm on weekdays – the COVID-19 restrictions are adjusted weekly.
We were looking for short walks (2-3 hours, depends on how fast you walk…) and planning to leave early morning and return home by lunchtime.
So I leave you with some photos.

Walk 1 – Ponta de São Lourenço – Caniçal

The route is well defined in its generality, with areas that require “good knees”, especially when going up and down. It has fabulous views over the sea, both to the north and south, and as the day was clear we even saw Porto Santo Island. There is a support bar at the end of the route and access to the sea, at the Cais do Sardinha. There are also boat trips as an alternative to reach Quinta do Lorde, but we decided to walk back to the starting point in Baía d’Abra.

short walks Madeira
short walks Madeira
short walks madeira
short walks in Madeira


Walk 2- Levada Nova – Caniçal


Also in Caniçal, this levada starts right next to the exit of the old tunnel of Caniçal (estrada regional 109). It follows the course of the levada to the cemetery and offers stunning views of this area. You can go back through the same route or head towards the sea in the centre of this lovely fishing vila. If you’re looking for accomodation in this area, check this blog post.

half day walks in madeira
half day walks in madeira
half day walks in madeira

Walk 3 – Levada do Moinho / Nova – Ponta do Sol

It took us a few minutes to find the start of the levada, but soon we saw the signpost just behind the Chapel of Lombada da Ponta do Sol. Next to the Chapel there is also a historic mill, easy to spot. The Levada do Moinho is very beautiful, and runs through the cutouts of a beautiful valley in Ponta do Sol, almost always on a flat route. Then there is a trail with several steps that we can climb to take us to the levada nova, where you can make the return path, (in the opposite direction). Beware that this trail has some more vertiginous areas, less protected, and goes through a beautiful waterfall and some tunnels. At the end of the trail, we arrive at the regional road that takes us back to the Chapel.


Capela da Lombada da Ponta do Sol

caminhadas curtas na Madeira

Acess to Levada do Moinho

levada do moinho

levada do moinho

Stairs that lead to Levada Nova




Stay safe while enjoying Madeira.

Take care ♥ Sofia

More Travel Tips to visit Madeira? Click here

24 Hours in Porto

24 Hours in Porto

Places to sleep, eat and visit while traveling solo in Porto

24 hours in porto

I recently visited Porto and I loved it. It was only a weekend getaway for a congress but I took an extra day for a little break. I had already been to Porto both with friends and my children, but this time I went solo and so I leave you with some more tips.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I might earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you!♥


How to go from Porto Airporto to the city centre?

Upon arriving at Porto Airport, there is a direct connection with the Metro, Line E, with a direct route to Trindade station, one of the most central metro stations in Porto, with connections to other lines. The trip lasts about 30 minutes and the metro ticket costs 2 € + rechargeable walking card 0.60 €. (Attention, you have to validate the card when starting each trip, even when changing lines.)

Where to stay in Porto?

There are lots of cool places to stay in Porto, from luxury hotels to hostels, or Airbnb’s. I usually stay at the Gallery Hostel, on rua Miguel Bombarda.


Next on my wishlist are:

. Torel 1884 Suites & Apartments,

. PortoBay Hotel Teatro

. Mo House

. Baumhaus Serviced Apartments.

Where to eat in Porto?

Oh, so many options, endless really … locals gave me several tips but I can say that in 24 hours I just managed to try two classics, good old-fashioned restaurants, where we can sit at the counter while enjoying a fresh beer, also localy known as “fininho”.

. Casa Guedes and its famous ham sandwich with sauce (use several napkins …;)

. Marisqueira Madureira: preguinho, caldo verde, rissolzinho, francesinha, camarão … it’s all good.

I also went to Zenith to have a brunch; the music, the atmosphere, the service, the house beer… everything was lovely, although there was a huge line at the door.


What to visit in Porto?

Given the diversity of things to visit in Porto and its surroundings, 24 hours are far too little time, but here’s a Top 4.

  • Clérigos Tower

  • Boat trip in the Douro

  • Wine Tasting at Port Cellars

  • Serralves Foundation

And then, get lost…enjoy strolling down the alleys, staircases and sidewalks, look at the tiled facades and the attic windows, visit the local markets and listen to the street musicians. Go downtown to Ribeira to cross the bridge D. Luis over the river Douro; have a drink and soak up the view.

I want to go back…See you soon, my friends!


Madeira Tours

Madeira Tours & Levada Walks

Madeira Tours & Levada Walks

A friend of mine is coming to Madeira soon and asked me to put together some suggestions for tours and levada walks. Either you plan to rent a car in Madeira, or you prefer to be guided, in this post you’ll find a way to get the most of the island by booking tours and walks.

Madeira Tours

When I travel I usually book my tours online with Get Your Guide. To help you get organized, I’ve divided the following tours by location: The capital-Funchal, East & West of Madeira, plus Porto Santo Island. Enjoy 🙂


In Funchal there are lots of things to do, from guided walks through the history of Funchal to hop-in, hop-off Bus Tours or Dolphin Watching by boat, here’s what you can do:


By foot – Enjoy a slow pace walk in Funchal with a guide, listen, look & learn.
Walking Tour in Funchal centre


Walking Tour in Funchal + nice lunch in a historic building

By Tuk-Tuk – This is a fun way to get around! A 75 minutes ride will give you a nice perspective of the city

By Bus – Sit down, put your headphones on and stop at the points of interest. This is a good 3 in 1 option: 48 hours or 22 stops in Funchal+ Visit Câmara de Lobos City Bay + Shuttle bus to Cabo Girão

By Toboggan ride in Monte + Pico dos Barcelos & Nun’s Valley Yes, this toboggan ride in Monte is a must-do in Madeira! Besides that, you get to see one of the most beautiful valleys of Madeira- the Nun’s Valley and a 360º Sight of Funchal in Pico dos Barcelos

By Boat – Enjoy Dolphin watching in the comfort and the privacy of a luxury catamaran -Full review here.


Trekking lovers can walk the route PR8 – VEREDA DA PONTA DE SÃO LOURENÇO and see the beautiful easternmost point of Madeira

Walk to the highest peak of Madeira PICO RUIVO. There are several options to get there – choose what suits you best.

Walk the route – PR18 – Levada do Rei and see the beautiful Laurel Forest.

Go Snorkeling in Ponta de São Lourenço and swim in crystal clear waters!

Walk in PR9 – LEVADA DO CALDEIRÃO VERDE in Santana. One of the most famous levada walks in Madeira.


Walk in PR 6- LEVADA DAS 25 FONTES to see the beautiful Rabaçal waterfalls

Get a close look at the Laurel Forest, UNESCO Heritage through a Levada Walk

If you’re a wine lover, a wine tour is good way to discover the west of Madeira 😉


Porto Santo Island – ferry boat return ticket + Porto Santo tour

Madeira tours and walks

So either you’re travelling solo, as a couple or with a group of friends, I hope you make the most of your holiday. Please leave a comment below if you have other suggestions or tours that you have enjoyed in Madeira. Have fun 😉

Dolphin & whale watching by luxury catamaran in Funchal


Dolphin & whale watching by luxury catamaran in Funchal | VIP DOLPHINS

There is a NEW luxury experience in Funchal! It’s organised by the company VIP DOLPHINS and the goal is to go dolphin & whale watching aboard the Ultimate – a luxury catamaran, all-inclusive.

Last month, I had the opportunity to experience it myself 🙂

-How was the experience?

It was great! We saw lots of dolphins, two sperm whales and two turtles.


What’s more, this catamaran is so stylish!

– How long is the trip on the VIP DOLPHINS luxury catamaran?

The Dolphin & Whale Watching trip takes about 3 hours. The meeting point is in the new marina, near the Praça do Povo, in front of the “OceanSee” kiosk, but you should attend 15 minutes before departure. The usual route goes to Cabo Girão, one of the highest sea cliffs in Europe and returns to Funchal.

Meeting Point

Cabo Girão

– Can you always spot dolphins on the VIP DOLPHINS luxury catamaran?

Apparently we can see them in 98% of the trips, but in any case, they offer a second free trip if that does not happen. If the weather does not allow the trip, they contact the customer to issue a refund or reschedule.

– How many people were aboard the VIP DOLPHINS luxury catamaran

We were just a few, since it is only for restricted groups, a maximum of 17 people (besides the staff) – that makes the whole experience much more pleasant, plus there is more visibility.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by their certified marine biologists. They are involved in research programs such as Cetus Project, plus they also report to Madeira’s Natural Parque. One of the Marine Biologists is also making her own research on the impact that boat motors might have on dolphins behaviours.

Along the trip they talked to each of us to explain some natural behaviours and curiosities about the species of dolphins and whales that we can find in Madeira. Maria, Dominique, Ruben and Pedro were very friendly and attentive, always available for any request. They also take some photos if we wish, which they send later by email, for FREE.

(Wi-fi is also FREE onboard)


– Are drinks or snacks paid?

There’s an open bar for free during the whole trip, whether you prefer alcoholic drinks or not. I was greeted with a glass of champagne and they also serve typical snacks like caco bread, “pastéis de nata”, cookies and ice creams for free.




Cute 🙂

– What dolphins and whales do you see aboard the VIP DOLPHINS luxury catamaran?

I was on the flybridge when we started to spot some bottlenose dolphins. As we approached, we saw jumps and pirouettes, it was incredible !! We also saw two whales, they were sperm whales. I was impressed with the size of their heads, what a beauty! We also saw two sea turtles, passing by.

-Can you swim?

Yes, plus snorkelling equipment is available for free. You can also take a shower onboard afterwards if you wish since the bathrooms are well equipped. Flip flops are available if you need – another nice detail of VIP Dolphins.

– How is it different from other catamaran tours you’ve done?

The experience has a different concept, more exclusive. We get the feeling of being on a friend’s yacht, listening to chill out music, in between conversation, relaxing, eating and drinking.

In addition, the luxury catamaran has different areas where you can circulate, both inside and outside, with sofas, tables and comfortable puffs. It also has 4 bedrooms, if you want to rent it for a full day (to go to Porto Santo for example) or to spend a day at the sea with a group of friends. (Check here the prices.)



Every Dolphin and Whale watching tour is a surprise, no two experiences are the same. Watching dolphins, whales or sea turtles in the ocean is always special, but in that luxurious ambience it’s even better, more relaxing – we can see everything without stress.

After an afternoon in the middle of the ocean, with a privileged view over Funchal, I felt peace and gratitude.

Thank you to VIP Dolphins for giving me this opportunity to go dolphin and whale watching in Madeira.

– Useful information


Adults – € 75, Children: from 2 to 5 years old – Free, Children: from 6 to 15 years old – € 40

*Book here and use the code “madeiratomars” to get a 20% discount ! 🙂

It includes snacks and drinks, champagne on board, Wi-fi, photo report and snorkelling equipment.


Every day from April 1 to October 31 *:

9h-12h | 13h-16h | 4:15 PM-7: 15PM

From Monday to Saturday, from November 1 to March 31 *:

9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. | 1:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.


Tel: +351 924 438 001 | E-mail: |Website:

*Book here and use the code “madeiratomars” to get a 20% discount !! 🙂

*Information in June 2019

Disclaimer: This article has been supported by VIP DOLPHINS, but the opinions expressed here are my own.

Porto Santo

3 days in Porto Santo Island | Family-Friendly Itinerary Tips

3 days in Porto Santo Island | Family-Friendly Itinerary Tips

At Easter, we went to Porto Santo Island for a few days. Any place that takes us away from screens and gets us outdoor is on our wishlist. Porto Santo Island suited our needs perfectly.

Porto Santo is a paradisiac destination. It has a pure and beautiful landscape, easy to fall in love with, the minute you lay your feet on the sand. It’ s so soft and golden, plus the sea colours are so vivid, with a thousand shades of blue, almost hypnotizing. It’s a peaceful destination, perfect for families that are looking to relax by the beach, play golf, dive, go trekking, soak up the local lifestyle or all of the above.

How to visit Porto Santo Island?

By boat from Madeira or by plane.

At the moment there were direct flights to Porto Santo Island from Madeira, Lisbon, Milan and Copenhagen.

How is the weather in Porto Santo Island?

It’s usually mild, with average temperatures of 18, 5ºC, however it can be tricky and you can get a bit of rain or clouds in between, the most perfect sunny days. We were very lucky in April and got 3 full days of sunshine.


3 days in Porto Santo Island | Family-Friendly Itinerary Tips

Day 1 ⇒ The boat departed from Funchal at 8 a.m and arrived around 10:20 a.m at Porto Santo Island. We walked to the city centre and checked-in at the hotel – it took us about 35 minutes walking to reach the Hotel Praia Dourada. The Hotel is simple but quite nice. It’s centrally located (no car needed). The staff is very friendly, breakfast is included with plenty of fresh fruit and it has a solarium with swimming pool. Highlights: On the day of your check-out, you can take a shower at the hotel before catching the boat. 

We went straight to the beach and had some drinks and lunch by the sea. Love the “gaiado de escabeche” (pickled Skipjack) as well as the octopus and tuna.


We then went back to the hotel to take a nap/ enjoy the pool and read books in the loungers. There’s also a ping-pong table that kept the kids entertained. We finished the afternoon with the typical Porto Santo ice-cream – “Lambeca”.

In the evening we went for a walk to the pier and had dinner in the nearby pizzeria. It was a beautiful full moon evening.

Day 2 ⇒After breakfast, we decided to explore the local arts and crafts market, just in front of the church, where I found this beautiful postcard from Loja do Profeta, with the iconic elements of Porto Santo. Loved it!

We then rented some bicycles (nearby Hotel Torre Praia) to explore a bit of the island. Prices start at 3€ per hour/per bicycle but of course, it’s cheaper if you rent it for the day. We went all the way to Calheta and back to Aparthotel Luamar, there’s a shop on the other side of the street where you can drop off the bicycles (we only rented for one hour, so just on time to drop off). We spent the morning on the beach, enjoying the soft warm sand, the waves and the sunshine.


For lunch, we had the famous prego and Picado at João do Cabeço. 

We spent the afternoon at the beach. We took a long walk back to the hotel, admiring the landscape in between conversations.


When we got hungry we stopped at by a beach bar for some prawns and bolo do caco and then continued our walk back to the hotel. For dinner we went to O Forno, famous for its chicken!

Day 3 ⇒We decided to go hiking in the mountains. We started off the morning with a walk to Capela da Graça (1,8 km about 25 minutes walk) where the PR3 trail begins.


The PR3 trail has 2 options one to Camacha and the other one to Ribeiro Formoso, we took the shorter option 2,9 km to Camacha.

The walk is easy to follow, and the views are outstanding. There are parts where you walk about beautiful cactus and others with wide open views over the beach. 

We all loved the walk, especially because it offers different perspectives, all unique. Pico Castelo, Capela da Graça and beautiful trees and flowers. We also saw some snails and lizards.

It took us about one hour to complete this walk from Capela da Graça to Camacha.

We finished at this local bar where we called a taxi to take us back to Calheta, where we went swimming and had lunch. Calheta has the most beautiful rock formations and the children were very entertained exploring the area. 


Lunch was delicious and then I walked all the way back to the hotel with my oldest son. On the way, we were able to see the baby monk seal that has been recently on the news! Apparently, she comes to rest on the beach during the day and goes food hunting during the night. There is a big security area with some nature guards looking after her and making sure that she was not disturbed. Oh, what a gift to be able to take a close look at this beautiful creature. I hope she keeps growing bigger and stronger!!

Time to go home…showers and bags all packed just in time for one last ice cream! We took the local bus to the pier and enjoyed the island views back home.

Beautiful sunset and rejuvenated spirits to go back to school after the Easter break.

Thank you, Porto Santo!♥

Luxury houses and apartments in Madeira – Madeira Legacy

Luxury houses and apartments in Madeira – Madeira Legacy

The island of Madeira is a long-lasting passion for many visitors. The mild climate, the sunshine hours per year, the lifestyle and the proximity to the European continent and the sea are just some of the many reasons that make Madeira an ideal choice. Some visitors even end up buying houses or apartments in Madeira, whether to go on vacation, to enjoy retirement or to live permanently.

In this article, we talked to Madeira Legacy, to find some dream homes and apartments in Madeira, and get useful tips on how to buy a property on the island.

1. Who is Madeira Legacy and what sets it apart from other real estate companies?

Madeira Legacy is a real estate company headquartered in Funchal, with 13 years of experience in the market, directed to real estate of quality and luxury.

What sets us apart is customer support – our team of professionals focuses daily on following up and meeting the needs of those who contact us. We want to help our customers make dreams come true, that is our goal.

2. What are the basic requirements to buy a house/apartment in Madeira?

Firstly contact Madeira Legacy 🙂

The basic requirements are, above all, to have the will and financial conditions to acquire a property on this wonderful island. Then, you just have to follow all the steps in our guide.

3. How does the process of buying a house/apartment in Madeira Legacy work?

After the first contact, we present/visit several properties, according to the client’s wish list. Our list of properties is vast and diverse in terms of prices, typology and location, and always based on quality.

When the customer finds the property you are looking for, it is very simple – we move on to the next phase:

-Contract promise of buying and selling (if requested bank credit for the purchase)

-Deed of purchase

4. What are the most sought after areas in Madeira?

Funchal is one of the most sought after areas in Madeira, without a doubt. We have real estate in more traditional areas such as historical areas, as well as in areas that are a trend, as is the case of Lido and Ajuda.

5. What kind of assistance or support do you offer to your clients – is it possible to buy a house/apartment in Madeira from a distance?

Yes, it is possible and we give all the necessary support. Madeira Legacy does all the mediation of real estate (purchase, sale and trespass). We also deal in the leasing/administration of the real estate, and we do the necessary remodelling and decorations. This service has already been provided to many investors, both local and foreign, and the feedback was very positive. We have a wide range of partnerships in the areas of legal, accounting, decoration, engineering and architecture. We give a complete follow-up to the client, namely to the non-habitual resident, in the patrimonial evaluation, translation of the documents, access to the Golden Visa, recuperation and decoration of the property.

This is a job that gives us enormous pleasure and our focus is always on meeting the particular needs of each client.


6. How can customers get in touch with Madeira Legacy?

Through our website, email (, mobile phone (+351 937 777 700), social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest), or through our partners, who advertise our properties.

Our office is located in the centre of Funchal, right next to Rotunda do Infante, in the following address: Avenida Arriaga, 50 Diogos II Building – 1st Floor, Rooms 5 and 6 9000-064 – Funchal.

Contact us and put us to the test;)

Thanks Madeira Legacy, best wishes.

Disclaimer: This article was supported by Madeira Legacy.

3 Carnival Parties in Madeira

3 Carnival Parties in Madeira


So it’s that crazy time of the year again and Madeira Island is ready to party.

Here are my 3 favourite carnival parties in Madeira:



Travesties Night

From snowhite and the seven dwarfs to a football team of ladies dressed as CR7, one thing is certain – creativity knows no limits. So dress up as you wish, have fun and enjoy the nightlife.

Where is this party?

In most of the discos and pubs in Funchal. If you go for a late walk in the old town and you’ll certainly bump into interesting costumes.

Saturday –

Carnival Float Parade


About 1900 people dance on streets with colourful costumes, samba moves and loud music. Sing and dance along and fun is garanteeed! (Of course you can bring your own outfit as well!).

The Carnival Float Parade begins at 8 p.m.

Where is the Funchal Carnival Float Parade?

Starts nearby CR7 statue, goes all the way through Avenida do Mar e das Comunidades Madeirenses to finish near the Autonomy statue.


Batucada in Câmara de Lobos

At 9 p.m. there’s a parade in Câmara de Lobos central streets and afterwards around 11:30 pm some elements of the groups gather to play drums and dance on the stage. It’s very exciting and fun to watch them perform, don’t miss it!

Where is the batucada in Câmara de Lobos?

Nearby Câmara de Lobos harbour, in Rua Nossa Senhora da Conceição.

I leave you with my favourite carnival tunes.

Happy Carnival!

Looking for things to do in Madeira? Find it here:

Don’t forget to taste “Sonhos” – the typical Carnival dessert  in Madeira.

Have fun!

Travel tips to visit Madeira

Free Travel tips To Madeira

Great places to eat, see and enjoy - travel guide to Madeira, tips from a local!

(I did this guide once for one of my Airbnb guests that came to Madeira for the first time. They wanted some good recommendations for hiking locations, spots by the sea, must see’s, must eat and must do’s on the Island. Also some tips for Funchal. This choice was based on my personal preferences and on the feedback I get from my Airbnb guests. I’ve decided to share it on the blog so that you can use it, save it and share it, as an extra help in planning your stay. Hope you enjoy it and find it useful. )

Obs: there are no pictures so that you can print it without running out of ink on your printer 🙂 But please do check my Instagram account frommadeiratomars for inspiration.

If you’re coming to Funchal, you should allow yourself at least three nights stay. There’s so much to see, taste and enjoy, you’ll leave with the will to come back for more, or at least I hope you do, with my tips :). If you want to explore the full Island, then come for at least six nights and make the most of your time. I usually recommend that you rent a car unless you don’t enjoy driving. In that case, you can book tours, explore by bus or make arrangements with a private taxi.

From the airport to Funchal, unless you rent a car, do book a taxi previously, or take the Aerobus – it’s usually the cheaper options.

But before we start, there are three things you should know about Madeira:

  • First, we love tourists, and we’re used to having their company all year, so most people speak a foreign language, mostly English.
  • Second, check the weather. It could be a sunny day in Funchal and rain in the West part of the Island. We are a tropical Island, and we can reach 500 mt above sea level in 30′ drive which means it can get cold up there, and although we’re very close to Africa, we can have all seasons in one day. ” Carry a jacket, just in case. Also, check the weather at this site which displays live webcams from different parts of the island. Also if the weather is not okay for some reason, check this post for rainy days inspiration.
  • Third, be prepared to relax. Whether it’s the climate, the sea, the friendly people, the food, the wine or the natural beauty, you’ll figure it out. Don’t pack too many attractions in one day, and please don’t go all around the Island in one day. The roads are full of curves; you ‘ll get car sickness! I´ll try to be more convincing by telling you a secret, I live here for over 30 years, and there are places I’ve never been, so keep this in your mind while planning your stay; just because it’s an Island doesn’t mean you have to see it all on one visit.


Remember these words or print them. 🙂

“Bolo do caco” typical bread with garlic butter, “Brisa Maracuja”passion fruit, local fizzy drink, “Coral”, local beer, “poncha” is strong but deliciously sweet rum drink, (try the flavour passion fruit).

Tomato soup with poached egg,  “milho frito”, fried corn in little cubes, “lapas”, limpets.

“Bolo e broas de mel”, honey cake and biscuits, “rebucados de funcho” fennel sweets and “queijada”, cottage cheese cake, they sell in coffee shops (I like the one from La vie shopping, top floor near the piano, btw the pasteis de nata are very good too).

If you’re not vegetarian, you can also try “espetada” beef cubes on a stick, “peixe espada”scabbard fish, and “bife de atum” tuna steak.

And of course, the unforgettable Madeira wine,  have a visit to the wine cellars for a tasting session, check this article for inspiration. If you go to Câmara de Lobos area, try the Nikita at Farol Verde (ice cream with beer, I know it’s weird, but it tastes good and guess what it’s based on the Elton John song…”Nikita”… you’ll never know…)

And the cocktails at PUKIKI BAR in Estreito da Calheta are also damn good.!

You can also read this article about the six most typical dishes.

Restaurants in Funchal? Here are some of my favorites.

LUNCH: 9,50 € -12 € deals – Café Museu, Latada do Doutor, Il Vivaldi etc

DINNER: Fine Dining in Madeira – read this article. Another good option is NINI DESIGN CENTRE/RISO for outstanding views/romantic night. In Lido: Basilico for Italian.


VEGETARIAN food – read this article.

BUDGET bites to eat,  check this list.


Oh, this is an endless journey to write about…

There are 2000 km of Levada walks (you know, those awesome water channels dig on the rocks ages ago) They will take you to an amazing forest called Laurissilva which is rare in the world because it disappeared in Europe during the ice age. Madeira has it. It’s green, magical, mystic and full of fresh air, century old trees and pure nature, nothing quite like this elsewhere in the world.

My favourites are Fanal/Rabaçal (25fontes)/Ponta de São Lourenço – chech miradouro PONTA DO ROSTRO! /Pico do Areeiro/Pico Ruivo/ Caldeirão Verde/Castelejo/Portela/Ribeiro Frio/ Balcões + For food try FAÍSCA .

Be careful while doing these walks, the weather can change dramatically, so I recommend this site for more information.


Hidden gems in Funchal.

Best spots in Madeira.

Like Museums.

Prefer Gardens.

Beach lovers.  I LOVE Praia Formosa in Funchal, especially by sunset/sunrise when there’s hardly anyone at the beach. You can walk along promenade do Lido all the way to Câmara de Lobos.

Just to feel like a local.

Are you traveling with children? Check this article and this map for points of interest.

Need a therapeutic retreat.

A day in Funchal: Start at the city park Santa Catarina, walk along Avenida Arriaga, see the Theatre and Visit the Cathedral, the Town Hall, and the Farmers Market.  Walk into the old town and enjoy the painted doors by local artists check out the gallery Caravel art center. Reach Socorro Church and have a break at Barreirinha.  Take the cable car to Monte, and enjoy the ride up the hills. There are a beautiful Monte church and tropical garden to visit there. When you come down you have two options back on the cable car again or on the toboggan rides, wicker cars pushed by man “carreiros”, a classic. From the stop point at Livramento you can walk all the way down to Funchal, it’s about 30 minutes walk. Check the Praça do Mar with all the CR7 buzz and have an ice cream at one of the cafes or a pizza at CR7 hotel, they’re kind of good.  At night the old town is the busiest spot.

CHECK OUT THE NEW MAP USE-IT plus the app for the phone is pretty good too. (no wifi required).


Northwest Coast: Sao Vicente (with its lava caves),  via Serra d’agua/Encumeada, and Seixal ( the mini eco bar is a nice spot there to relax) and Porto Moniz and its beautiful natural lava pools. To eat, try the limpets rice at Seixal or the romaria soup at Porto Moniz.

Southwest Coast: Camara de Lobos(beautiful fisherman town) Restaurants there? I do like Vila do Peixe, Ponta do Sol – Restaurants there? I like the Old Pharmacy, Jardim do Mar (for food try Joe’s bar or the grilled squid at Portinho), and Paul do Mar – Maktub (for sunset and mojitos), are some of my favorite locations. Calheta – the marina has a nice Italian restaurant and ice cream parlor. Mudas art museum is a must visit if you love architecture.

Northeast Coast – Take the cable car to the nature reserve Rocha do Navio in Santana – magic spot. Food? Try Quinta do Furão, Cantinho da Serra or Casa de Palha.

South East Coast: Machico (an artificial golden sand beach, this is a town located in the biggest valley of  Madeira) See the art door around the center, far less crowded than Funchal and has some very cool art scenes). Porto da Cruz (Food: A PIPA, check the sugar cane factory next door)  and Caniçal (see the new bar in town – Ritual do Sal – Praia da Ribeira do Natal) Restaurants? Tasquinha do Pescador e Amarelo are some of my favorites.


Madeira has three main Shopping Malls, 2 of them with a cinema (movies are mostly shown in the original language), many international brands are there. If you’re looking for souvenirs here are my tips: For wine, I would advise buying it at the airport, because of the liquid carrying restrictions in airplanes. Although you have much more options in the wine cellars, just make sure you can carry it on the airplane. For food and souvenirs there are shops with Portuguese brands, here are some stores – read this.


My favorite spots are Barreirinha Bar Café, Revolution Bar, Copacabana Garden, hole in one (typical Irish bar) and Vintage bar in the old town. As for discos: Marginal, jam and Vespas for a late night dancing.

DTOX & LIVING ROOM start late around midnight/1 am.

So many choices so little time, leave something for next time and come back again 🙂

Have a lovely Holiday! 

P.S. If you’re a beach lover, please include a day trip or a night stays in Porto Santo Island, in one word: Paradise! Check this article on things to do and places to stay in Porto Santo.

(In Madeira Island, you’ll find pebbles “calhau” beaches or black sand which is beautiful, unique and typical of its volcanic origin. It might not be very comfortable to reach water (wearing neoprene shoes might be a good solution) that’s why in most beaches, there are piers with ladders to the sea. However there are a few of beaches with sand in Madeira which I really like such as Porto do Seixal beach, Banda d’Além Beach and Prainha.)

You can always reach me on Facebook or Instagram, feel free to ask for tips. Have fun. 🙂

Send me your tips for the next article – what did you like and dislike?

Please leave a comment below.

Obrigada! ( that’s what you say if you’re a girl if you’re a boy you say Obrigado).

PS- Cover images from the photographer @Benjamin_artwork.