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An inside look at Dali’s House at Costa Brava

An inside look at Dali’s House at Costa Brava

One of the highlights of my latest travel to Costa Brava was the opportunity to visit Dali’s house in Cadaqués, Portlligat.

For those who never heard about Cadaqués, I can assure you that this is one of the most picturesque, beautiful cities I have ever seen…

It has a little bit of Greece with white washed houses and turquoise blue doors decorated with pink bungavilleas and narrow stoned pavements. It has a little bit of France due to its proximity to the border and some dishes from the other side. It has a little bit of Portugal with some resemblance to Algarve’s fishing villages and its sunny beach coves by the sea.

Cadaqués is nested in a beautiful bay with clear blue waters and lots of colorful fishing boats.

Most houses have direct access to the sea, and while most locals have their siesta, visitors spend their time at the beach or enjoying a fresh beer in one of the many terraces by the sea – sounds good? It gets better.

Cadaqués people are friendly and have a nice sense of humor.

Food dishes can range from anything like fresh grilled prawns to a fusion of pastas, french crepes and even Beirut beers. We had a Lebanese meal in a restaurant called ‘El Barroco’ that was a dream, decorated and frequently visited by Dali himself, this place was full of character.

As for Dali’s House:
He picked well…
This house was where he lived and worked from 1930 to 1982, he stopped living there after his wife died. He liked the isolation, the views and the light of this place. Located in Port Ligat, just a few minutes from the city centre, it had direct access to a stunning bay which he enjoyed the most, either through mirrors strategically located in the house to see the sunrise/sunset from his bed or through open windows in probably all divisions, meeting the sea.

This house is a labyrinth since he created it little by little, adding a new room at the same rhythm as each new pulse in their lives; crazy beautiful as the artist. What I loved the most?

The yellow flowers which his wife Gala spread in unusual places such as on top of wardrobes and all around mirrors and windows.

The pool where you can imagine the insane parties held there.

The oval room with perfectly lined pillows and the most particular acoustics…

The olive tree garden, side by side with wooden chairs , a “ready to land” invitation to soak up the sun kissed views.

The wardrobes covered in black and white pictures of intimate, meaningful and funny moments of their lives.

We just stayed there for a few hours of the day, before visiting the easternmost point of Spain Cap de Creus, which inspired one of Dali’s most popular painting : “The great masturbator”.

Cap de Creus is another stunning location in Costa Brava, at 672 meters of altitude from the sea, a completely desert, protected area of the world which invites you to feel closer to the sky, to the sea and to nature. When I say desert, it doesn’t mean you won’t find other visitors, which you will. You’ll find them cycling their way along the road: dad on the front followed by two kids and mother behind, you’ll find couples walking their way to desert golden sand beaches and families sitting together for a selfie near the edge of the cliff or having a meal near the lighthouse.

As for the rock that inspired Dali’s painting, I couldn’t find it, I was too busy admiring the views, watching the sea in the distance, looking at my kid’s astonished faces and my parent’s satisfaction for being in this amazing location. One of kind location, kind of out of this world experience.

To know more about why I ended up discovering Costa Brava, how is it, what to see and do, keep following this blog – more post about this amazing destination coming soon.

Curious to find some hotels in Cadaques?
Here are a few:

Ps- The obsession of Dali for eggs is contagious…explanation coming soon 🙂

A big thanks to Costa Brava Tourism for supporting this trip and a special thanks to Kash, who for the last 3 years has been telling me: – “You would love Costa Brava!” You were absolutely right! 🙂

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