Madeira, Travel to Porto Santo
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A taste of Porto Santo Island…

Each time I reach this Island my body softens and my brain rests.
Happy memories come to my mind.
Friendship and love, discovery and madness, family and pleasure.
It all comes back to me here.

Time for reflexion…

The beach is all over, covering with golden sand my feet. So soft that I prefer to lay in it and put my towel away.
You can hear birds during the day and crickets during the night.
The sound of the waves is like a lullaby. I fell asleep.
The water is cold when you get in and warm when you get out.
The shades of turquoise blue sea extend to the horizon and refects in my son’s eyes…
You can hear laughs, songs and sighs of joy .
The beach is long, perfect for a sunrise walk by the sea.

Porto Santo tastes like figs and grapes and “bolo do caco”bread with butter for breakfast.
It tastes like “lambecas”icecream and walks along the pier.
Tastes like peace. Tastes like a holiday. Tastes good.

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