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5 Gardens / Parks to visit in Funchal

With Autumn at your doorsteps, nothing like a walk in the park to take us out of the house and recharge our batteries.
Alone, with children, dog, friends or family, here are some suggestions for the beautiful gardens and parks you’ll find in Funchal, entirely FREE…Enjoy!

1. Santa Luzia Garden


Torre do Hinton

It was Hinton’s old sugar factory with its colossal Tower making history.
It has five themed gardens: the Amphitheater Garden, where the outdoor cinema festival, the Tropical Garden, the Water Garden, the Garden of the Terraces and the Garden of the Laurissilva, with the indigenous vegetation of Madeira, Unesco.
It has a nice cafe, two playgrounds, one of them with a labyrinth to hide… 🙂
Open from 8-21h Rua 31 de Janeiro.


Jardins Temáticos


2. Pico Fortress Garden



The Pico Fortress is the big attraction of this park.
The playground is excellent especially for those with small children.
The Café da Fortaleza is right across the street… a spout, the newspaper and the well-deserved rest.
It also works as a viewpoint and has a view of the Bay of Funchal worth seeing.
As my children say: “This park is magical because it seems that we live in the time of the stories of castles, dragons and knights”.

Open from 8-21h (Summer) and 8-19h (Winter), Rua dos Frias


A Fortaleza do Pico


3. Lido Gardens


Relvado do Lido

Perfect for cycling, scooters, skates and anything with wheels.
You can play the ball on the pitch, the basketball in the central square or merely lie on the grass to see the sky.
It is also much sought after for jogging along the Lido promenade.

The view of the ocean is brilliant. There are also some cafés and terraces.



Palmeiras da promenade

In the evening, enjoy the music, the music and the restaurants nearby.
Always Open- Lido Promenade

4. Municipal Garden

2013-11-06 09.34.15

Jardim Municipal

It is the most central garden in the city, just north of Arriaga avenue.
There is an amphitheatre where sometimes there are concerts, and there is a lake with swans and fish.
The garden has incredible old trees that offer plenty of shade and peace. The flowers, the running of the water and the light are beautiful.
I feel it as a small sanctuary in the middle of the city.
There is also a kiosk with a terrace.
Always open- Avenida Arriaga



” Meninos” – Escultura no Lago de António Maria Ribeiro (1943) 

5. Santa Catarina Park


A lagoa do parque de Stª Catarina

It is considered “The City Park”, and there are many good reasons for it.
With an area of 36,000 m2 has a chapel (Chapel of Santa Catarina), a pond, a café, a playground, plants from all over the world, and a lawn with one of the most beautiful views over Funchal.
Personally, it’s my favourite, I remember going there since I was a kid.
The tradition keeps on, and I like to go there on Sundays.
According to the children, “… it’s that park that has many paths, some that look like racing roads and a giant slide and sometimes, with some luck, we can see the ships passing by …”
Open from 7- 21h in the summer and from 8-19h in the winter
– Avenida do Infante


Por caminhos diferentes

In this Park, there is also a playroom (with a library) where children, accompanied by an adult, can make drawings, play or read from Monday to Saturday from 9-12:30h and from 13:30 to 17: 00h. Unfortunately, on Sundays, it is closed.

2013-11-06 10.03.12


Now just pick the perfect day. Here’s what I usually take with me:


Manta, livro, óculos de sol, música e eu sei que é estranho mas adoro chocolate de cozinha…! 😉


Se conhecerem outros Jardins ou Parques, adorava que partilhassem. Qual é o vosso preferido?


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