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19 signs you are from Madeira

After finding this article, I’ve decided to write this one:

19 signs you were born in Madeira:

1. You love the sea, and you can not live without it.

2. If you were asked which is the best beach in the world? Your answer would be Porto Santo Beach, without a doubt.

3. There is also no doubt that Madeira Island is “The Most Beautiful Island in the World”, then the Azores.;)

4. You love ‘Arraiais’, music, ‘wine with laranjada’ and ‘bolo do caco’ with garlic butter.

5. To meaning of enjoying the nightlife is going out for a drink, preferably after 11 p.m., the party starts late and ends at dawn.

6. The word ‘Poncha’ makes you smile.

7. You love Christmas, especially the night of the market and the ‘Labour masses’.

8. You love Carnival and the Flower Festival, and it’s most likely that you have already participated in the parade, along with the streets of Funchal.

9. The best New Year’s Eve is celebrated in Funchal, for sure.

10. You love to travel, and somewhere in the history of your family, there’s emigration.

11. You dislike comments like: ‘Living on an island, what a horror, claustrophobia!’

12. When people make fun of your accent, you are very likely to push it even harder. You say ‘bath’ instead of ‘bowl’, and ‘near me’ rather than ‘at my border’. You also have a natural tendency to join the suffix-inho’ to the words, and whenever an ‘i’ is near an ‘l’ you read ‘LH’ ex: ‘mililhitro’, ‘quilhómetro’ and ‘pilhoto’. Also, you like to use the gerund ex: Let ’s go ‘walking’ down…

13. If you ask for directions in the street you are perfectly familiar with the terms: The first house ’from here to there’ and the last hotel ‘from there to here’, got it?

14. You do like a good gossip ‘Bilhardice’ that is to say, talking about people’s lives…

15. You love being connected to nature and family. You cannot forget the picnic that you used to share with your family or friends, with ‘espetada’ on a wooden Laurel stick under the shade of the Laurissilva Trees.

16. You are friendly. You love to receive people in your house, meet new people, new cultures, show them around and treat well those who come to visit you.

17. When you were a kid, you used to play ‘à pilhagem’ which is the same as ‘hide and seek’.

18. The ‘Coral’, our beer, is the best in the world!

19. You are very proud to be from the same island as Cristiano Ronaldo, and there is absolutely no doubt that CR7 is the best in the world, after all, he is from Madeira :).

If you know any more cool signs, you’d like to add to this list, please do ;).

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This blog talks about the island where I was born and live - Madeira, and my endless journey to discover the world until (one day, who knows) I get to visit Mars.


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