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travel guide Madeira

Travel Guide to Madeira- tips from a local

Free Travel Guide To Madeira Great places to eat, see, drink and enjoy – tips from a local! (I did this guide once for a friend of a friend that came to Madeira for the first time, a few months ago. It was based on my personal preferences. I’ve decided to share it on the blog so that you can use it and share it as an extra help to planning your stay. Hope you enjoy it and find it useful. ) If you’re coming to Funchal, you should allow yourself at least 3 nights stay. There’s so much to see, taste and enjoy, you’ll leave with the will to come back for more, or at least I hope you do, with my tips 🙂 If you want to explore the full Island then come for at least 6 nights and rent a car to make the most of your time. (If you don’t like driving then there are also many tours available. You can book them directly at your hotel or online . There are many taxi …