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Mother-Daughter getaway to Lisbon

Mother-Daughter getaway to Lisbon This year for my mum’s birthday, I prepared a special gift — a getaway in Lisbon. When I was studying at Lisbon University and she came to visit me, I remember we always had such a great time together. I wanted to recreated those days again. Plus, Lisbon makes my mother happy, she has always great stories and memories about this city, specially from those days before and after the revolution 25 April 1974, when she was visiting her sister, who used to live there. “Stories…the testimony of human contact.” Whenever she speaks about Lisbon, her eyes light up, she puts a funny smile on her face and while walking those streets together, I can always imagine her like a young girl, singing Fado and wandering on the hills of Lisbon.  It is true what they say, life is made of memories. I want to share these thoughts with my mother and remember the places we were together, alive and happy. Lisbon was a gift to both of us. This is the …

A weekend in Porto with friends

Where are we going this year? That’s how this journey began … After Madrid last year, we made a statement: – A weekend just for friends, once per year! The choices were: Edinburgh or Prague, but Portugal spoke louder and we chose the city of Porto. And so it was… Where we stayed at Porto We stayed at the Gallery Hostel, Rua Miguel Bombarda. This is a street full of art galleries, alternative shops and friendly cafes. It is also a few minutes walk from the ‘Aliados’, not far from ‘Ribeira’, near the river. One of the highlights of this area is the street art and historical buildings covered in beautiful tiles. It also has a “ commerce center that is not a shopping”, the CCBombarda which offers affordable restaurants and creative shops. The Gallery Hostel is excellent. The rooms are nice, clean, spacious and so are the bathrooms. It has a very nice social area and breakfast is included. They also make dinner for 10 € with drinks included. Staff is very welcoming. What …

This is my country, PORTUGAL!

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of research about Portugal. I’m falling in love, all over again, with our country, so small, but so impressive, not only for its history but also by its amazing scenery. From north to south, beaches, mountains, gorgeous islands and fairy tale castles. After seeing these images I feel like grabbing my family and discovering more about our wonderful country. I didn’t ask to be Portuguese, i just got lucky…Enjoy the pictures. Follow From Madeira to Mars ‘s board Portugal on Pinterest.