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Funchal ‘Secret Places’ – Sao Pedro

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Despite being in the reach of all those who want to discover Funchal ‘secret places’, this city can still surprise me with unexpected revelations. “Secrets” which are no secret, this post talks more about discoveries in my own city, which share here with you. I hope it inspires you to discover how do your “secret places” in Funchal, look like… Location: Sao Pedro Imagine a neighborhood in the city center, with narrow and steep streets that run towards the sea. It was in the fifteenth century, that the Madeiran families started living in this area, away from Santa Maria do Calhau, now known as Old Town. The houses of this neighborhood have wooden blinders, walls in warm colors and small gardens with bougainvillea. Here one feels the silence, sometimes interrupted by the voices that echo from the televisions. This is where I live, ‘my neighborhood’; Sao Pedro. For me, this area has a special charm. It reminds me of the streets of my childhood, which used to be my playground, …