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Costa Brava guide

One week in Costa Brava – a guide for families

One week in Costa Brava – a guide for families I disagree when people say that having kids and travelling are two opposite choices in life. I actually think that these are the best parts of my life. Having both, at the same time, feels like winning the lottery. Add to this happy mix , the perfect family holiday destination and you realise that happiness and perfection exists. Ever since I was a child, no matter what happened, my parents would always save money throughout the year to make sure we would have a family holiday. Sometimes for one week. In good years for two. Our annual ritual would always observe the following four acts; getting on an airplane, relaxing under the sun, eating good food and having fun. Lots of it. My best memories of my childhood were created during summer holidays. I want my kids to have these same memories. Memories. Simple act of packing our bags. Entering the airplane and feeling like the luckiest girl in the world for bagging the window …