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Shopping in Madeira Island

Shopping in Madeira

 When you visit Madeira, you’ll find the typical souvenir shops that sell Honey cake and Madeira wine. They are both great and I recommend it. However, one of the things I like when I travel is to seek for shops of local designers, which I do not find elsewhere.

With this globalization, I always get a bit annoyed to see the same kind of shops everywhere and it delights me when I find a special store or any item that is unique.
I also like to go home and whenever I look at that piece, I have a story to tell, being able to associate it with a moment of my life, or the person who gave it me. Incidentally, this is also one of the pleasures of traveling, finding pieces that tell stories (eventually) have a sentimental, timeless value.

So I proposed myself to show my readers  special gifts from Madeira.
I suggest wonderful gifts to yourself (or to anyone you like giving special gifts to), which are the result of Madeiran creativity, ranging from clothing, accessories and even handmade products.
By the way, meanwhile, we’re contributing to the regional economy;)

1. Patricia Pinto
Patricia graduated in fashion design and communication at IADE in 98.
She created the brand “Patricia Pinto” and since 2003, she designs individual collections. I love her clothes, bags, accessories, details and quality of her creations. Her shop is a delight, with an interior garden and a very unique style; talent, charm and friendliness as only Patricia has. Don’t miss it!

Shop: Rua Nova São Pedro 56, Funchal

2. WalkingFrame
Jorge Rosa is the designer of walkingframe brand. Registered since 2009, this brand produces T-Shirts in limited editions, working his photographic creations, drawings and images. This is not a brand for crowds, it is only for “really cool” people . 🙂

Online sale:
Shop: Rua das Pretas, 49, Funchal

3. Nawak studio
Sofia Paulino is the designer of Nawak brand which means “N’importe quoi!” It doesn’t matter which materials and images you choose, what matters is to create something soulful, female and colorful.

Online sale.

4. Cappies and Lanas
Cappies and Lanas is a clothing line for children created by the Madeiran Patricia Lencastre. The pieces, all handmade, combine comfort and design, because children deserve to feel special and unique. I love the colors and the positive vibration in it. Peek here!

Online sale.

5. Gonna
The Gonitas, (Gonzalo and Bruna), have a design studio and released in 2012 the Madeira Brand Puro®, their firstborn. This project is made by Madeira, for people who by recognizing these typical Madeiran expressions, remember a grandparent, high school days, friends or dinners with the family. The aim is to celebrate the positive side of life through the Madeiran Portuguese accent providing the market with products inspired by materials and concepts of Madeiran culture, with a very special sense of humor.

Selling Points: Caniço Shopping – level 0 or Forum Madeira Stand – Stand floor 0 “Reeventos”

6. Jardim de Vidro
Andreia enjoys working with quality products and some secret ingredients: love, dedication and time! The vast majority of the pieces is unique and they are all handmade with great care and profound attention to detail. The result is in sight and is as irresistible as a secret garden. What a talent!

Online sales via message in  Facebook or email: [email protected]

7. “Mary” go round
This “Mary” gets me “crazy” with her creations. This nurse has a special hobby: making beautiful things that give you pleasure and work as a therapy for the senses. She has always liked crafts, from sewing, collages, creations, choosing the fabrics and how to arrange and mixing colors.
This project is called “Mary” go round because that was what her mother called her as a child, always on the move, more or less like a carousel. 🙂

Shops: Traditions, Rua da Sé No. 30, Funchal.

8. Wao clothing
Wao means Are One (of English: We are one). They are attitude, feeling, unity.
What unites fans of this brand is simple: An urban style with quality materials, patterns and unique design. It is 100% made in Portugal and was born in Madeira, despite all the differences that make us unique, we are all made of the same. This brand also aims to convey a message of peace, respect and acceptance of others.
For the WAO there is only one race, the human race.

Shop in Funchal: Kickflip Store
Online store:

9. MadeiraLovers
Deborah and Duarte Afonso are dedicated exclusively to souvenirs of the region, with a current design, honoring the traditions of the island. It is not any typical souvenir store, this brand (as the name implies) celebrates the love for Madeira, its culture, its symbols and its people. One example are the typical villain boots, here with a new design.

Online sale.

10. Pegorina
Pegorina was born in April 2013 by the passion of dreamy Ana that used to join her mother in crafts, since childhood. The name of the brand came across while playing on her husband’s surname.
The sweet tones of motherhood, soft touch and delicate finishes are their most valued criteria. Its mission is to bring some of this passion and dedication into the hands of those who visit it. Too cute!

Online sale:

11. Carla Cabral Gallery

If you’re an art lover this is the place to be.
Carla has a giant heart and this is reflected in her art. Describing her talent is not an easy task, but to help you understand it, I leave you with the excerpt from her biography, described (brilliantly) in her page by Gito Lima.
“Surrounded by water on all sides, by the father’s side of the drawing and the mother’s side of music, soon she revealed herself as an island within the island. Independent and stubborn, she always went the way she wanted, more up than down. And who had the good fortune to cross on her way, certainly felt the effects of one of her more solid virtues: honesty. Perchance her greatest weakness. Her first passion was, seriously, a guitar. But she could not convey all she had to tell the world with just six strings and a sounding board. And that’s why she joined the School of Plastic Arts of Madeira, where she began to find her true voice artist. ”

As for the work for sale, she has some available oils and drawings in her studio. Those who are interested just send a message via Facebook .
“Bluette”: bring hert art to travel.

So much talent on this island…

Looking for the shopping hub in Funchal?

Rua Fernão de Ornelas is one of the main shopping street as well as the pedestrian streets nearby the area of Sé Cathedral.

You’ll also find a few Shopping malls in Funchal:

La Vie
It has 3 floors with many shops, bookstore, pharmacy, a large eating area, a gym and a supermarket. It has onsite parking area but it is paid. On Sundays it’s free.
Address: Rua Dr. Brito Câmara nº 9

Fórum Madeira
It is located in the tourist area of Lido and has numerous shops, bookstore, a supermarket and a cinema. It also has a paid car parking onsite. On Sundays parking is free.
Address: Estrada Monumental nº 368

Centro Comercial Monumental Lido
This shopping center is located in the tourist area of Lido, offering some shops and services including a medical center and tourist information office. It also has some restaurants on the terrace.
Address: Estrada Monumental

Madeira Shopping
It is the largest commercial centre in the Island. It has several shops including a bookstore, supermarket, pharmacy and cinema which displays movies in the original languages. It also has a FREE car parking.
Address: Caminho de Santa Quitéria nº 45

Galerias de S. Lourenço
Small downtown area with shopping and dining.
It has a paid parking.
Address: Av. Arriaga nº 41

Arcadas de São Francisco
Small shopping center with shops and cafes. It has a paid parking área.
Address: Rua São Francisco nº 20

Anadia Shopping
This shopping center is near the Farmers Market. It has several shops, dining area and supermarket.
Address: Rua Visconde de Anadia nº 19

If you are looking for a place to stay in Madeira here's a list:

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Enjoy Shopping!



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