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Delicious food you can buy in Madeiran supermarkets

It may sound weird, but one of the things I like to visit when I go on holiday is the local Supermarket.

Madeira Cake is just one of the products you can buy on the Supermarket.

In this post I share my recipe for Madeira Cake and tell you about other of my favourite Madeiran goods.

It always fascinates me the differences between lifestyles. Not only the prices of food but also the variety. I remembered when I lived in Paris it was all about the cheese and wine, or in London where I saw the first Shushi meals takeaway and all the Cadbury’s delicious chocolates.

So, I’ve decided to look for which Madeiran goods you can find in a Supermarket.

Some Madeiran products are easily identified by a sticker with Madeira brand.

Here are a few:
1. Lupins
Have you heard about these yelow beans before? We eat them anywhere, everywhere, especially with beer.

2. Bread “Bolo do Caco”
Unless you are on a gluten-free diet, this bread is a must try in Madeira. Personally, I like it toasted with garlic butter on top.

3. Madeira Cake

I like the Madeira Cake from Fábrica de Santo António, but you can also bake your own, here’s my recipe for Madeira Cake:

$ 5.00 (5)

4. Local Honey

Bee honey or sugar cane honey, you choose.

5. Cottage cheese
Try this on bread or crackers or simply mixed with pumpkin jam, as dessert.

6. Madeira’s Bananas

The sweetest of all, or as we say in Madeira, so small but so good.

7. Cookies

Made with sugar cane honey, ginger or egg whites “Suspiros”, to eat one after another.

8. Insular biscuits

I eat them since I was a kid. Perfect for tea time. I remember when I was in the University abroad, I had a friend that used to get them by mail as a gift from her mother. 🙂

9. Corn cubes

Fried Corn cubes is a typical dish of Madeira, but the trickiest part is to cook the corn flower. In the frozen section, you’ll find the corn already cooked and ready to fry, easy as that.

10. Tamarillo or Passion fruit chutney
An original choice to add extra flavor to your dishes.

One thing I know for sure: when it comes to fresh vegetables, fish, fruits and value for money, there’s not many places as good as Madeira. Lucky us!

What about you, which are your favourite Madeiran delicacies?


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