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Carnival in Funchal. What, where, when?

Carnival in Funchal. What, where, when?

The other day one of my AIRBNB guests asked me what, where and when exactly happens Carnival in Funchal.

So these were my answers.

What about Carnival in Funchal?

Carnival celebrations in Funchal happen mostly during three days, although there are events along an 11 day period.

Day 1 – Friday

On Friday before Carnival, a parade organised by local schools take plenty of children along Avenida Arriaga disguised in their favourite masks, superheroes or princesses. Feel free to dress up your children as well. Of course, it’s too cute not to watch!

On that evening most of the local clubs and discos celebrate the “Travesties Night” so you’ll probably see many brides and grooms, ballerinas or divas walking along the streets that night…:)

Day 2 – Saturday

It’s Saturday night live, and you’ll have fun! It is the most significant event of Carnival in Funchal. Thousands of locals dress up in colourful and some slightly provocative costumes to dance in the streets of Funchal. You’ll find the rhythm of Carnival, loud music and sparkling decorated floats, plus tons of people watching. Go there early if you want to grab a front row spot. There are also some paid seats that you can buy at the local tourism office for extra comfort. Get into the Carnival mood, grab a drink (and maybe a mask or a costume) and have some fun at the parade. Dancing is totally accepted!

Day 3- Tuesday

It’s a holiday in Madeira, so many locals have fun at the slapstick parade called “Trapalhão” Anyone can join, you too! There’s no theme; you can merely disguise yourself, have fun and mingle!

Carnival in Funchal – Where?

Check this great map made by the Madeira Tourism site:

You can also download the Madeira Tourism PDF guide: PROGRAMA_CARNAVAL_EN

Curious to know about other events in Madeira? Check this out!

Click here to see photo essay of Carnival in Madeira, from the Budget Traveller when he was living in Funchal a couple of years ago.

Now get into the Carnival mood, listen to some drums, pick a costume and have some fun at Madeira!

(Btw this is my favourite Carnival music!)

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