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Photo Sessions in Madeira

Photo Sessions in Madeira

A couple of months ago I was looking at my Instagram feed, and I began to see these photos in Madeira that captured my attention.
There was something different about them, the light, the composition, the style, even the citation underneath! 🙂


As I scrolled the whole feed I loved every one of them, so I said to myself;
Who is Benjamin Begin?


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As always, pic by @kennylkemp

A post shared by Benjamin BEGIN 📸 (@benjamin_artwork) on

The bio linked to his website and there I found he did photo sessions.
I was looking for new pictures of my Airbnb, plus I wanted to capture the neighboorhood as well (plus I just had my new Walkingframe From Madeira to Mars t-shirt), so these photo sessions in Madeira, looked like the perfect match.



I sent Ben a direct message on Instagram, and that’s how we met and booked the photo session.
We got together for a coffee afterwards ( the pre-interview), and I told him what I was looking for. We picked the locations, time and date for the photo session. I also showed him some examples of photos that I liked. He asked me exactly what I wanted from the pictures, regarding mood, style and scenery and even how comfortable I was with being in front of the camera.
I picked two outfits and sent him the locations in advance to plan our time.
I agreed to do the half day session, and you can check here for prices.
Benjamin was very easygoing and chilled. We just took it one location at a time, with no rush but trying to make the most of it. Most importantly we both enjoyed the session and had a fun morning out. The meeting ended up with coffee at Legs Eleven (love this place and their logo btw) and exchanging ideas about social media.



When I received my pictures, I was very happy with the result.
Click here to see the Photos of the Airbnb
My Airbnb guests say that the photos and the comments were the things that matter the most when booking my apartment.
As for the outdoor photos, despite helping me promote the neighbourhood of the apartment, my blog, and Funchal in general, it was also a great way to create good memories of life.
Sometimes we forget that we can be a traveller in our city.


Photography is one of my passions but it’s nice to be on the other side of the camera too, and share those moments with people who think alike.


Allow me to introduce you to Ben:

“I’m Ben, born in 1985 in Strasbourg, the seven biggest cities in France, very traditional with his city centre classify to UNESCO program. I studied marketing, and always had a step into art, but more about paintings when I was living in France. I was doing graffiti, and canvas paintings before I’ve crossed the road of photography while living in Madeira Island. I came for a job, as my best friend created his company here in 2009 and requested my help in the marketing area. I started photography 5 years ago, as a pleasure, but it quickly took lots of space in my life.

Your favourite place to photograph in Madeira?

I would say fanal, pico do Areeiro, and north coast in general.  But the place doesn’t really matter. In photography, all is about light. And the light in Madeira is pretty awesome, especially in those months (September, October, November) so I love to shoot in any place at the moment the light is special.

Your favourite local food/restaurant?

The prego from Restaurante Balcony, the wellcom bar in town, and the seafood.
I was not into seafood before to come in Madeira, but this island changed my mind in lots of senses.

Your meeting point?

Mini Eco Bar in Funchal. I love so much to be there that I can even go alone to do nothing or enjoy a good cocktail, but most of the time, I know I’ll find someone I know there.

If a friend comes over to visit you, where would you take him?

Sunrise in Pico do Arieiro, for sure. Then one-day surfing in Porto da Cruz, best experience to appreciate Madeira is an unusual way, and the surf school are pretty good, friendly and professional in same time. And to do the Levada of Caldeirão Verde, which is for me the most “wow” Levada I did until now. I also like Fajã dos Padres, which I think still is an underrated place here. Time stop there, it’s a special place that I love a lot for many reasons.

What do you like the most about living here?

For sure the quality of life, the weather and the fact I realised one of my oldest dreams (a fantasy I can even say): being a surfer. So I would say that it’s my relationship with the ocean. I was living far away from the sea when I was living in Strasbourg, it was only for the summer holidays, and I always saw that as a privilege. So, to have it in front of me every day, it’s something I can’t get rid off.

What do you miss the most about France?

Food, and more specifically, CHEESE!

Your dream trip?

Bali with no hesitation, and all Asia in general. The dream of the dream would be a long road trip in all of Asia.
Iceland, just after.

Your motto?

My motto is not to have one. I don’t like too much fixing on one idea. I like to change my opinion when needed. But if I had to have one, is listen to your intuition more than people. Intuition is something very powerful. Intuition, and intention. I can see it in photography. My first intuition always gave me the best pictures. If you listen too much to people or try to please them, you’ll never do anything.

So, besides giving useful tips about Madeira, 🙂 I believe that Ben is a great photographer, reliable and professional, plus a good person to meet. Go ahead and book a photo session in Madeira with him. You can also follow his work on Instagram.


Thanks, Ben and good luck! 😉

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The L nights are back to Ponta do Sol!

The L Concerts return to Estalagem da Ponta do Sol! This Independent Music Festival officially started ten years ago, although, well before that, small concerts were already held. Personally, I remember with great joy the gigs I had the opportunity to attend.

Fotografia gentilmente cedida por Concertos L

I love the ambience … the worship, the relaxation and the sound that echoes in the wind, the sea and the perfect amphitheatre that is the Ponta do Sol.

Why should you go to these concerts?
Nuno Barcelos, responsible for this festival, gave us the answers:


L. L Concerts Why?

The name Concertos L appeared from an existing concept in the Estalagem da Ponta do Sol, the L – Community (community of members of the inn). L comes from Lifestyle, Leisure, among others …

What do you like most about this Festival?

The artistic freedom, its public and the place…

Not depending on brands, sponsorships or fashions, allows you to create a schedule free of pressures of any kind, and bring something different and innovative…

The audience, because we have the best attendance of Madeira, interested, respectful, of various ages and groups…

It happens in an unlikely place (for a music festival): a garden 80 meters high, with a bar, restaurant and hotel… Madeira at its best, on the scenery level.

What was the concert that impressed you the most so far?

I can not say “The concert” because we have already brought so many great names that it becomes very difficult. Remembering only a few, I can say that I was genuinely impressed with Sevdaliza, Tcheka, Jambinai, Ricardo Ribeiro, First Breath After Coma, among many others …

Fotografia gentilmente cedida por Concertos L

Which band are you most looking forward to seeing this year?

Once again it becomes difficult to tell a band but undoubtedly Kristoffer Lo, for the unique form as it presents its almost sensorial sound, Aisha Badru by the incredible voice, Edmar Castaneda for its genius in the instrument. Each artist was chosen because it is unique in their area. I am very curious to see everyone live and check how it works.

Good reasons to attend concerts L?

Several. Above all, the opportunity to attend an entirely different program, a program that has been well studied and that intend to bring new music and provoke new ways of feeling the music. As I mentioned before, it’s the unique venue, and your audience makes the L Concerts an always challenging and enriching experience.

Thank you, Nuno!

Fotografia gentilmente cedida por Concertos L

At the top of the Estalagem da Ponta do Sol, time stops. It’s just you, the night and the island, united by music. See you at L.
Until then,

Fotografia gentilmente cedida por Concertos L

Check out this article to know more about where to find live music in Madeira.

Where to watch the World Cup matches in Funchal?

Today, Portugal is in the eighth round of the 2018 World Cup! And here we go … 🙂

If you are looking for a place to see the World Cup matches in Funchal, here are ten suggestions to follow this World Championship. Whether in one or several screens, in public squares or discrete bars, with “dentinhos” (a kind of Madeiran tapas), beers, ponchas or local “Brisa” passion fruit, what matters is to support your team. Let’s go!

1. Praça do Mundial – Largo do Restauração

If you enjoy watching World Cup matches in public squares and feel the adrenaline of a crowd and vibrate with every corner kick, this is the ideal place. Right in the center of the city, more precisely on Largo da Restauração, the screen is giant, and there are food and drinks in the stalls that surround this small world of fans. Take the scarf, the flag, the shirt of Ronaldo 🙂 and the whistles! Go, go, go!

Largo da Restauração, Funchal

2. Café Museu – Praça do Município

The Café Museum opened its doors to the World Cup. The seating capacity is about 30 seats at the table, but they put rugs on the grass where more people can sit. In the games of Portugal, they serve “dentinhos” (Madeiran kind of tapas) with gizzards, baits, or tuna with onion sauce. They transmit all World Cup games, but the affluence has been stronger in the matches of Portugal; hence they limit the “dentinho” to those days. In the other games of the World Cup, there is always lupines (well seasoned) and the sweet potatoes, fried in olive oil. Try it out!

Photo courtesy of Museum Café

3. IlhaKafé – Monumental Road 306

The motto of IlhaKafé is “Eat, drink, experience Madeira.” And why not eat, drink and experience Madeira, without losing a World Cup game? They transmit all the games in 5 Screens, 2 in the terrace and 3 in the interior. They have à la carte, and snack menus from 11 am to 11 pm. The most typical dishes include grilled limpets, tomato soup, tuna steak with vilhão sauce, passion fruit mousse … (pause to salivate). Do not miss happy hour from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and make a toast to your team!

Photo courtesy of IlhaKafé

4. Spot Garden Cafe – Rua Nova da Alegria

It’s located in front of the pavilion of the Liceu Jaime Moniz (local High school), and during my adolescence, it was known as Amazonia (Alas the 90s!). Today it continues to have a great outdoor space with a terrace ( plus a beautiful sunset), as well as an interior space. The games of Portugal are transmitted on the giant screen, on the main terrace. The remaining matches of the World Cup are broadcast on several TV’s (one in the indoor space and another on the terrace). The menu includes “bifanas” (pork sandwiches), “pregos” (beef sandwich) and tuna paninis.

Photo courtesy of Spot Garden Café

5- Os Castrinhos – Rua do Arieiro

Castrinhos Areeiro is located in Rua do Areeiro, close to the monumental street, in Funchal. This area is known for typical Madeiran drinks, like “ponchas” and also the “dentinho” (Madeiran Tapas). You can taste the “Castrinhos Prego” (beef sandwich), limpets, potatoes portions and other typical delights of the Island … As for football, the World Cup games are all transmitted here, and the atmosphere is relaxed, you can shout “FOUL,” all you want! 🙂

Photograph courtesy of “The Castrinhos.”

6. Match Point Bar – Funchal Tennis Club – Dr. Pita Street 43

Next to the Tennis Club of Funchal, is the “Match Point” Bar. Here, the specialty is “pinchos” (typical Spanish tapas) and boards of cheeses. They transmit all the games of the World Cup, with the possibility of seeing them inside or outside. If this is the World Cup was like tennis, it is a case to say: – Wishing for many Match Points and may your team win!

Photo courtesy of Match Point

7. Casino da Madeira – Rio Restaurant

Based on an original concept by the Óscar Niemeyer Architect, the Casino da Madeira is one of the most emblematic buildings of Funchal. Outdoors, you’ll find Rio Restaurant with a big screen where you can watch the games of Portugal in the World Cup. The menu includes a barbecue/buffet, with a drink included.

Photograph courtesy of Casino da Madeira

8. FX Restaurant & Sports Bar – Largo da Fonte, Avenida do Mar

With an excellent location, facing Avenida do Mar, the FX Restaurant & Sports Bar transmits football games throughout the year. Of course, the World Cup is shown here too! You can even see several games at the same time, since there are ten tv’s in this space! You will not miss opportunities to shout goal!!!!

Photo courtesy of FX Restaurant & Sports Bar

9. O Fontenário – Estrada Comandante Camacho de Freitas 430

In Santo António area, there’s a pleasant place to relax at the end of the day, called “Fontenário”, where you can get drinks and snacks. They serve “pregos” and “Picados” (beef portions) and show all World Cup games. During Portugal matches, beer is accompanied with a free “dentinho” (Madeiran tapas)! Bring it on!

Photo courtesy of “O Fontenário”

10. Pestana CR7 Funchal – Praça do Mar

Here the proposal is, neither more, nor less, that the hotel bar of  “the one and only” Cristiano Ronaldo. They transmit all the matches of the World Cup in a giant screen, in the terrace, next to the Funchal Port. The Menu is allusive to the World Cup, with dishes like the “Burger Derby.” The decor alluding to Ronaldo’s career is, at the very least, inspiring. And if doubts arise as to the outcome of the match, you can read (in repeat mode) the neon light posted there “to be the best, you need the best,” and yep, Portugal has the best, SIMM! 😉

Photograph courtesy of Pestana CR7

If you know other places that you’d like to recommend to see the games of the World Cup, please leave a comment with your suggestion.

Come on! Have fun!

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Direct Flights to Madeira – From?

Today I was talking to a friend about the destinations with direct flights to Madeira. After all, from which destinations can we travel directly to  Madeira, without stopovers in Lisbon or Porto (or any other city).

direct flights to madeira

Sometimes it becomes difficult to find the time to travel to new destinations due to this limitation of the stopovers. Especially when traveling with children, the comfort of a direct flight it’s worth a lot while picking the destination. In addition, time is short and we do not want to miss days in transit at airports.

I have prepared this table, with all destinations with direct flights to Madeira Airport, at the present. I hope it helps you to travel to Madeira.

You can check here the list of airlines for each destination.


If you are looking for accommodation, see the best deals on hotels and apartments in Booking and check out my Airbnb!


Milho Cozido of Madeira – My Mother’s Recipe

Milho Cozido or baked corn is a typical dish of the Island of Madeira.

It is often found in restaurants in the area, fried in the form of cubes, as a side dish to meat or fish.

Some people compare it to Polenta, a typical dish of Italian cuisine.

According to the book “Elucidário Madeirense”, the corn culture is an old tradition in Madeira, but it was in 1847 that Laureano da Câmara Falcão, better known as Morgado of Ilha, developed it in the parishes of Santana and São Jorge. In 1853 appeared a law which exempted the payment of tithes from what was produced on earth and it constituted the feeding base of two-thirds of the Madeiran population.

This corn potato dish still remains in our days, and it’s delicious.

Here is the recipe we use at home and a small video about it: IMG_1807.TRIM

Looking for a Hotel for Kids in Madeira? Discover Vila Porto Mare!

Looking for a Hotel for Kids in Madeira? Discover Vila Porto Mare!

These Easter Holidays, me and my family spent a few days at Vila Porto Mare. The goal was straightforward: rest, comfort, open air, good food and fun. We were not interested in leaving the hotel, and we were looking for a Resort that would offer us this possibility, in Madeira.

We found the answer to our request, in Vila Porto Mare, at Funchal.

Vila Porto Mare brings together three hotels: Éden Mar, Porto Mare and The Residence. All facilities are shared regardless of the hotel you stay. It allows you access to 13,000 m2 of tropical gardens, several restaurants, bars, Spa, several pools (including heated pools and for children), gym, Kids Club and various sports.

Location of Vila Porto Mare

Vila Porto Mare is located in the coastal area of ​​Funchal. Nearby you will find several restaurants, bars, bathing complexes with access to the sea, a considerable promenade that allows access to Formosa Beach, a shopping centre and public transportations.

If you wish, you can walk (about 30 minutes) to get to the marina or the Cathedral. The hotel provides a free shuttle bus to the old town.

Bedrooms of Vila Porto Mare

We stayed in Hotel Porto Mare in a standard triple room with a sea view balcony.

The room was very spacious, the beds were very comfortable and had a bathroom with a bathtub, “Rituals” products, bathrobes and an extra strong drier.

Foto gentilmente cedida por PortoBay Hotels

Gardens of Vila Porto Mare

They are vast, colourful and smell good. We can even hear the little birds sweet chirp. There are about 500 species of plants, adequately identified: tropical fruit trees, endemic species and endless orchids. Some butterflies fly over them and all the shades of green you can imagine. They provide shade, refuge and the feeling of being in an oasis, where we rest and recover our breath.

Orquídeas – ver vídeo

 Restaurants and Bars of Vila Porto Mare

There are five restaurants in Vila Porto Mare. Il Basilico, Med and the Balcony bar have children’s menus. The Buffet at Atlântida Restaurant is diverse with choices for the youngest. Do not miss Portofino Bar or Oceano Bar for an appetiser during Happy Hour plus live music.

If you’re looking forward to enjoying an adults-only night, you can book a Babysitter. In Vila Porto Mare it is possible. An hour of Babysitting during the day costs about € 10 and at night (from 10 pm), costs around € 15.

Swimming pools, SPA and other activities at Vila Porto Mare

There are five swimming pools: 3 outdoor (one for children), and two indoor. One of the heated pools also has indoor and outdoor areas with a Jacuzzi. Pool towels are provided free of charge.

As soon as we arrived at the SPA, we entered a magical world of relaxation. There are lots of treatments available for one or two at a time.

You can also practice sports like squash, tennis, or minigolf. The gym is complete and opens from 7 am to 9 pm.

If you fancy shopping, you’ll find traditional souvenirs at the Café Court craft fair, and beautiful Svarovsky crystal jewellery at the Hotel’s shop.

For the children:
The children feel welcome from the first moment, as they receive a map and a leaflet with 10 activities during check-in.
Mini golf
Table tennis
Board games/cards.
Indoor and outdoor pools
Room with toys
Wii sports console
Kids Club

The rental of sports equipment is paid separately and has an average cost of € 2 per hour.

The Kids Club is for children from 4 to 12 years old. It runs during school vacations, and in the summer, from 11-12h a.m. and 3-4h p.m. During two hours a day, parents can enjoy some time just for adults (and well deserved!). Our Kids Club program included painting, traditional games, balloon modelling, storytelling, bowling, water games, puppet-making and egg-hunting.


What I liked most about this resort was its ability to provide us with a stress-free holiday.

Sometimes, when travelling with children, we end up the holiday more tired than at the beginning because of the constant search for activities and restaurants which are appealing to everyone. This was not the case.

The diversity and extension of the tropical gardens were surprising.

Although the resort was full, we did not feel rushed. The tables were always set to welcome us and enjoy the stay.

I can not forget to mention the staff, always professional, polite and attentive. As I walked in the corridors, I got greetings and a smile.

At this Hotel, children have the freedom to play, swim, look at the sky with the sea on the horizon.

All that a family holiday should be, Vila Porto Mare made it happen.

Thank you.

Would you like to stay at this Hotel?

My stay at the Vila Porto Mare was courtesy of PortoBay, but the views expressed are my own.

5 Ways to use Madeira Embroidery

5 Ways to use Madeira Embroidery

I grew up with Madeira Embroidery. It was in the dress of my first party, on the tablecloths of my birthday and the sheets of my children’s crib. My mother knows how to embroider and tried to teach me, but without success. Times were different, and there were many other distractions…

However, I learned to give value to Madeira Embroidery when I realised how much time, hand expertise and devotion exists in the construction of each piece. Each point has its science, transmitted from mothers to daughters, from embroiderer to embroiderer. I love the names they give to each point: the “garanitos” (for beginners), the shadow points, the “cavacas”, the “bastides”, the widows (viúvas) among others.

Touching a piece of Madeira Embroidery is realising what tradition means.

It is the softness of cotton or linen, and the delicacy of each line pulled by a needle worked with saliva and sweat. Being an embroiderer was once the financial support of most Madeiran women. It is not a profession for anyone; it requires tenacity, concentration, perfection and a lot of desire to work. May the embroiderers never end and continue to be part of the Madeiran culture.

I hope Madeira Embroidery endures and continues to cross borders (as it always did) for its quality, beauty and perfection.

Buying a piece of Madeira Embroidery is not cheap, that’s for sure, but it’s also not expensive if you think about the time dedicated to each piece. If I tell you that the onesie of one of these photographs costs € 25, what do you think, expensive or cheap? It’s all a matter of perspective. Moreover, we are supporting the local economy, “which is ours and is so good that it gives us such pleasure to buy”. Who has ever slept in a bed with sheets of Madeira Embroidery knows what I’m talking about – delicious!

Here are five ways to use Madeira Embroidery:
Lady's Blouse Madeira Embroidery
Madeira Embroidery Cushion
Madeira Embroidery Towels
Baby clothes / Bathrobe Madeira Embroidery
Madeira Embroidery Table Cloth

These pieces are available for sale at www.linoandaraujo.comor Rua dos Murças nº 2, 8 and 19, Funchal, Madeira.

See you soon and good shopping!

Visit Sistelo, a wonderful village of Portugal!

Visit Sistelo, a wonderful village of Portugal!

This article is the testimony of my last trip to the North of Portugal. “Writing & travelling Atelier – four days trip with the Portuguese author Raquel Ochoa“.

I finally arrive at Sistelo.
A cat walks around my legs as if he was greeting me home. The sheep approach the Largo of the illustrious Viscount of Sistelo and look at me curiously as if to pose for the photograph.

With about three hundred inhabitants, there is no day there that hasn’t got a story to be remembered.
In the bar, a woman straightens the chairs already leaning against the rain. The neighbour on the side opens the door with a loud “Bom dia!”.
Good morning was not the best word to describe that day because rain was pouring down, but the joy of the arrival of our group fills the day with hope. Even the sun seems to break through the clouds, even if just for a few seconds.

As I walk through the streets, I see the granaries or canisters, religiously aligned, as soldiers fulfilling their mission. They keep the village cereals, the beans and the corn. They accuse the passage of years, surmounted by inscribed dates and gleaming moss.

Everything and everyone in Sistelo sounds like the good old days, giving it a unique grace. The fountain, in the centre of the square, marks the meeting point and the details of the houses invite us to curiosity. Iron staircases, stone steps, sheer white draperies and half-open wooden doors are typical of a village where peace reigns. There is only one bar open in Sistelo, right next to the “Tasquinha”. It’s simple because life here wants to be like this. The conversations run smoothly, through the weather, the cousins, the photographs on the wall and the wine made by the grandson (delicious by the way).

How lucky to live in such a place … I sighed.
“Luck or bad luck,” a Sistelense soon replied.
“That the beauty of isolation has its price, but here, at least, no one dies at home and is only discovered days later! And it continued… If they do not appear until 10 a.m. in the streets, that means that we’ll go to their house to figure out what is happening! “
I shut up with that smile you get after an unexpected answer.

Since Sistelo was nominated one of the most beautiful villages in Portugal, it is slowly combating desertification. Tourists (mainly Spanish) are attracted by the famous terraces or “vertical cultivation ladders” that gave Sistelo the name “Tibetan Portugal”. I can not confirm that the name was well attributed because I’ve never been to Tibet, but I enjoyed what I saw. The Madeiran in me made me soon remember “the poios” of Madeira.

Portugal is like this, a box full of surprises. Everything so far away and yet so close.

I would like to stay there longer, to walk on those trekking paths and get lost in conversations with the locals Sistelenses. I imagine myself sitting in the little chair of the small bar or the wall next to the Church contemplating the mountain range of Penedo. We would indeed have lots of stories to share, good food, good wine and tranquillity.

Do you want more reasons to visit Sistelo? I leave you with a video of this beautiful village of Portugal.

Nearby there is much more to be discovered.
I suggest a visit to Paço de Giela, one of the most interesting and best preserved medieval houses I’ve ever been to. Stop at the Soajo, where a beautiful family of granaries (plus a black and white cat) contemplate one of the most breathtaking views I’ve seen. Of course, I do not forget to recommend, Arcos de Valdevez, where the river Vez flows (the least polluted river in Europe). Or let’s call it “Arcos de Valdevez where Portugal was made”, and where there are Arcuenses like Francisco, whom I met in the Library made me feel so proud of my country. There is nothing like the warmth of Portuguese hospitality, my friends!

Where to stay in Sistelo?

You can stay at Grandfather’s –Casa do Avô, at theCasa da Ferreirinhaor Casas da Peneda.

Festivals and Pilgrimages in Sistelo?

There are many! Check out the sites for more info.


One night at WC Beautique Hotel

WC by The Beautique Hotels

People who are risking new ideas fascinate me. The first time, the first concept and in this case, WC Beautique Hotel was the first hotel that…

Nini Andrade Silva “does not follow trends, she creates them”, and she was the designer who risked this brilliant idea. Fortunately for us, the Beautique Hotels chain embraced this project, devoid of prejudice.

Have you ever considered sleeping in WC Beautique Hotel?

WC Beautique Hotel

WC Beautique Hotel

It is located in the Intendente, a trendy district.
If this neighbourhood is a trend in Lisbon, the WC Beautique Hotel is a trendsetter!

This is the first and only hotel inspired by a luxury bathroom!

How did I sleep at the WC Beautique Hotel?

I can tell you that it was great and that I slept beautifully. The bathtub, right at the foot of the bed, reminded me of the pleasures of a long bath. The water-coloured tiles on the walls combined with the velvet curtains and the stainless steel lamp in the shape of a drop of water formed a unique ensemble. The shower, toilet, sink and shower make a perfect family in this bathroom. The mirrors extend the experience, and the jewellery boxes are cute accessories. The elements, the textures and the sensations bring tranquillity and freshness to the soul.

WC Beautique Hotel

WC Beautique Hotel

WC Beautique Hotel

WC Beautique Hotel

WC Beautique Hotel

What is the restaurant like at WC Beautique Hotel?

“Banho” is the name of the restaurant of this hotel. I ate shrimp risotto, and it was a real “flavour bath”. As I left the hotel at 6 am in the morning, I could not enjoy the breakfast buffet. However, the hotel is kind enough to prepare a treat for its early birders: sandwiches, cakes and fruit.

Helpful, the fact that they did not charge the drinks that were in the minibar in the room. I only leave a suggestion; not charging the water at the restaurant, starting from the same principle.

WC Beautique Hotel

WC Beautique Hotel
WC Beautique Hotel

What surprised me most about this hotel?

The details. This hotel exudes good taste from floor to ceiling. It is a hotel whose design was thought to the maximum detail; it touches all our senses. The colour of the ever-present water, the scent of perfume emanated at the reception, the sound of softly falling water and the soft touch of bath towels and bed sheets. I felt that each piece of design was judiciously chosen.

It is an open-minded hotel, prone to new emotions.

A story:
One afternoon, I get into the elevator with one of the receptionists. She wore a pair of silk pyjamas, blue and with a soft pink line. She wore high-heeled pink shoes. I found her the most elegant receptionist I’ve ever seen. What grace, what comfort, and what originality only in this detail. I also wondered how lucky she was to be able to “work in her pyjamas” and what a pity that I could not buy an equal one at the reception! 🙂

WC Beautique Hotel

WC Beautique Hotel

And so it was with this ability to surprise me (even in an elevator) that I bid farewell to W.C. Beautique Hotel.

WC Beautique Hotel

Location: Avenida Almirante Reis 35, 1150-018 Lisbon (Intendente metro station is less than 1 minute walk away)

Book the WC Beautique Hotel here.

Book tours, attractions, and activities in Lisbon online

My stay was courtesy of WC Beautique Hotel but the opinions expressed are my own.

Tomato & Onion Soup of Madeira – My mother’s recipe

“It’s sunday afternoon and the weekend is pretty much over. There’s a ton of work waiting for you the following week and you don’t want monday to arrive”- Sounds familiar?

For years I’ve came up with strategies to overcome the sunday blues. Going to the movies, hiking, going to the beach, meeting friends, reading, watching sunsets or playing card games the whole afternoon ( just to name a few).

Nowadays, on Sundays evenings, nothing excites me more than the secret I’m about to reveal to you.

It’s soul conforting and brings back the sweetest memories…My childhood, me and my brothers sitting at a round table in the kitchen. Friends coming home for lunch. My Aunt Maria as a cook. Me crying the first time I chopped an onion. My boys smiles at the table. My parents happyness looking at them.

No, it’s not super exciting or even adventurous. But it’s something that tastes better when you’re surrounded by the people you love.

It’s a tradition in my home and we do it, “religiously”, every sunday evening. So I’m sharing the recipe with you – trust me, you’ll never have a depressing sunday evening again!

It’s my Mum’s Tomato & Onion Soup. Enjoy it  and let me know how good it was ;).