Month: October 2015

airbnb madeira

Airbnb Madeira – Wishlist

My favourite places to stay in Airbnb on Madeira| I love discovering new places to stay and to plan little getaways, whenever possible. In this post, I introduce you to some of my favourite properties to stay in Airbnb on Madeira including my own apartment in Funchal. Some of them I’ve experienced myself, others I can’t wait to visit. Airbnb offers some amazing properties, in fact, there are plenty to choose from luxury to budget rentals in Madeira. If you’re planning to visit Madeira, check these intimate places. They are located all over the Island: by the beach, in the middle of the mountains, with ocean views, in the heart of the capital, you name it. My choice was purely based on my personal preferences and guest reviews. I hope you like and it inspires you to visit to my beautiful Madeira Island. Let me know which one you would pick! TIP: If you are new to Airbnb, signup using this link to get  30 € off your first booking. Enjoy! 1. From Madeira to …